4 Applications of Vision Sensor


Automation is the first step to the expansion of manufacturing businesses. These companies buy humongous machines that are quick, more accurate, and cost-effective than labour. Sensors play a crucial role in the precision of these machines; they are their eyes. Among the most common types of sensors are the capacitive sensor, positioning sensor, acceleration sensor, and lidar sensor.

This article will discuss the vision sensor and its applications. Vision sensors are a complex system consisting of a video camera, display and interface, and a computer processor that detects and evaluates the accuracy of its subject’s presence and orientation.

Here are the applications of vision sensors:

1. Analysing the shape and structure of objects

Manufactured items have specific structures. For example, a spiral notebook should have 16 holes at the edge of the notebook’s leaf. Each page has writing lines printed on it.

Thevision sensor can detect whether the notebook has only 14 holes or has no writing lines.

2. Analysing the alignment

The vision sensoralso checks the correct alignment of each part of its subject. Let us use the previous example. The notebook indeed has 16 holes; however, instead of the holes punched at the edge, the holes are punched across the notebook.

The vision sensor can detect this misalignment. Manufacturers improve their quality assurance with the help of the positioning sensor.

3. Determining the dimension and contents

Another wonder of a vision sensor is detecting the dimension and contents of the object.

Once they are done manufacturing the spiral notebooks, they will be placed and sealed in a box. A box must contain 30 spiral notebooks. A vision sensor can detect whether the box has the exact number of notebooks without opening it.

4. Reading codes

Some vision sensors are used to read codes. The codes on the product contain information about it, such as the product, manufacturing date, and where it will be delivered.

Most companies use this vision sensor when dispatching items and sorting the inventory.

If you are planning to automate your manufacturing process, you need a vision sensor to achieve it.

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