5 Sartorial Inspirations For Making Fashion Content In A Marketing Platform


 In today’s time and generation, the way people utilise technology gets more innovative and resourceful. Influencers have started to use and apply their creativity to their content marketing platform. The most frequently used influencer marketing platformis Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and streaming applications or sites nowadays. Some have their own websites where they post their own blog content. It is no secret that these platforms started to evolve and revolutionise that it was a decade ago. Gone are the days when people post overly-filtered selfies, low-quality scenery photos, and lengthy hashtags. Now, influencers use the proper strategies, captions, and media for posting on their content marketing platform.

The most sought contents in the influencer marketplace and industry are makeup, food, travel, gaming, and fashion. Fashion is one of the leading content types in a marketing platform. Most millennials nowadays follow and get inspiration from fashion influencers, from their headwear all the way down to the pair of heels they are wearing. If you plan to make content and share sartorial fashion-piration, here are six aesthetics that may change your fashion game!



Fashion inspo: Bratz, 13 Going on 30, Bella Hadid

The 2000s culture is coming back for a second round! Y2K is a millennial shorthand term for ‘the year 2000’.

The Y2K fashion inspiration comes from clothing styles during the late 90s to early 2000s. Many millennial influencers dress up in Y2k and post it on their content marketing platform. The Y2K fashion is a distinctive style that features a mix and blend of pop culture, metallic accessories, bubblegum pink clothing pieces, fancy boots, and velour track sets. Here is how you can step up and join the Y2K club on your influencer marketing platform.

  • Baby tees or cropped tops with cute cartoon characters, quirky quotes, iconic Y2K brands, and funky patterns.
  • Wide-legged pants were the hit before skinny jeans were introduced to the market. You may wear bootcut or low-rise jeans with wide-legged hems.
  • Baguette bags are the symbol of Y2K. These fancy little bags are the perfect accessory to match your baby tee and wide-legged pants.
  • Playful and colourful accessories would complete your look. Accessorise your look with hair clips, scrunchies, bandanas, elongated sunglasses, and stacks of bracelets.



Fashion inspo: Pride and Prejudice, Anne With An E, Taylor Swift’s Folklore album

If your style is more of conventional femininity, then cottagecore is your aesthetic. Focus on soft, dainty, and romantic looks when you post on your influencer marketing platform. The cottagecore style glamorises the ideas of lush outdoors, free spirit in the countryside, old fashion, and girly things. If you plan to post cottagecore fashion content on your marketing platform, here is how to do it.

  • Long flowy dresses are the essential elements of cottagecore style. Choose floral patterns and neutral shades when buying one. Also, flowy dresses with puff sleeves are a cute choice!
  • Lace can make you look sexy or dainty. To wear it the cottagecore way, layer it on top of white or cream dresses. Complete the look with light accessories, such as pearls, a fedora hat, or a headband.


Fashion inspo: Aquamarine, Hawaii, and surf culture

Coconut girl is all about playing prints, styling vibrant and neon colours, and layering funky patterns on patterns on your influencer marketing platform! The coconut girl aesthetic is somehow similar to Y2K. However, the coconut girl style focuses on flaunting summer tops and dresses. Get the coconut girl aesthetic in these ways:

  • Halter cross back dresses are the top pick for dressing the coconut girl way on your content marketing platform. Best to pair it with retro sunglasses!
  • Bandeaus and crochet midi skirts are the ideal match to look like you are on a vacation even after summer is over. The perfect way to style and step up the coconut girl fashion game!

If you want to sport a coconut girl look on your influencer marketing platform, go with lots of fuchsia pinks, tangerine oranges, sapphire blues, and swirly patterns.



Fashion inspo: Audrey Hepburn, New England, Blair Waldorf

Old money is another sartorial fashion idea for making content on your marketing platform.Dressing up in old money lets you embody a classic, timeless, collegiate-inspired, preppy, wealthy, and vintage look. Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf is the perfect example of old money aesthetic, from her pearl headbands, tweed suits, and Chanel bags, to her knee-high socks. Here are a few outfit inspirations to get the old money vibe for your influencer marketing platform.

  • Tennis skirts with white button-down polos are the ideal old money outfit for playing tennis at the country club. It is also a wardrobe staple if you want to dress the old money way. To complete the look, add a neutral-coloured cardigan tied over your shoulders.
  • Tweed skirt suits are also the best choice for styling the old money aesthetic. These sets are perfect for champagne brunches, coffee dates, wine drinking on the yacht, etc.

Never forget to invest in a black bag with gold chains, a trench coat, berets, and loafers or oxfords. Those are old money wardrobe staples.


Fashion inspo: Euphoria, Regina George, The Kardashians

The term baddie originated from the millennials. It defines someone bold, edgy, always slays the game, always on-fleek, and someone who is unapologetic about their sultriness. The ideal and most suitable person to define a baddie is Regina George from the movie Mean Girls. Like her, you can always bring out your baddie side on your influencer marketing platform. Channel your hot girl summer aura in these ways:

  • Retro body-hugging dresses are one way to dress like a baddie. You may style a neon bodycon dress and add layers of gold chain necklaces and other accessories.
  • If you want a cosier look, go with the streetwear type of baddie aesthetic. Wear bike shorts, neon bikini tops, oversized jackets, and chunky sneakers. Never forget to complete the look with gold accessories!

The secret to feeling and sporting the baddie style when making content for your marketing platform is confidence and sultriness. When you shoot content, feel and pose sexy as if you are a real baddie!


Final Thoughts

If you are a fashionista at heart and like dressing up fancy wherever you go, try using an influencer marketing platform or create your personal blog site. From here, you can share ideas on styling different pieces of clothing, your own wardrobe staples, your favourite local clothing designers, and many more. Look at every clothing piece around you, produce fashion and styling content from it, and find pride in the ideas and identity that are uniquely yours.

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