6 Tips For Choosing A Condolence Wreath In Singapore | Why Choose Flower Delivery


People go to events and see garlands, balloons, and different decorations everywhere. Those designs make the party lively and welcoming, especially if you will celebrate a success or another chapter in life. On those decorations, there is one that occasions will always have: flowers. You can see them in the centre of the table, ceiling, or arc on the entrance. The events where you will notice these are birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or business openings. But in these celebrations where flowers are present, people also have it in funerals. A condolence wreath is available in Singapore if you want to send sympathies to the family.


It is not easy to lose a loved one, knowing that they will not be there to witness the achievements of their family in the future. So, showing sympathy to families is a way to tell them that you are with them. If you cannot make it early to the funeral, you can send a condolence wreath to the family. You will have different options, so have a guide in buying one.


The first thing you need to check in a condolence wreath is the flowers. You have many flowers to choose from, so pick one that could make people remember the deceased. The flowers you see have meanings, and you can use them as a guide in choosing what you will put on the wreath.

  • ORCHIDS – this flower shows that you will remember and love the deceased. If you have spent enough time with them, you know how important they are to the family. Orchids show that you cherish every moment you have with them.
  • CARNATIONS – this flower is also for showing love to the departed. It also means that they will always influence you, knowing that they have helped you many times.
  • ROSES – this flower can mean many things, making it the standard. If orchids and carnations show love, you will also get the same message with roses. But this flower could also mean respect for the times you and the departed had together. People always include roses in their condolence wreath.
  • HYACINTH – if you want to tell the family your prayers, hyacinth is the flower you can send. It has many colours to choose from that could also have different meanings. Choose one that is appropriate to the memorial.
  • HYDRANGEA – this flower is known for showing emotions. And if you want to show your heartfelt sympathy to the family, consider hydrangea as the flower for the wreath.
  • Understanding the meaning of the flowers for the condolence wreath can help you choose which one you will send or give to the family. It must mean something to the departed to pay respect for the remaining days you will be with them.


Some condolence flowers have a funeral sash where you can write a short message for the departed. It might serve as your last message to them if you do not want to talk during the funeral. The most common phrase you will see is “In loving memory.” But to give you more options, here are other messages you might want to write:

  • Gone but never forgotten.
  • Always in our hearts.
  • Rest in peace.
  • Thinking of you always.
  • With deepest sympathy.

If you do not want any of these statements, it is also okay to create your own. But, ensure that it will fit on the funeral sash. The length of the message also depends on the size of the wreath.



The condolence flower stand also needs consideration. Some wreaths touch the ceiling, causing damage to the flower and the place. It will also be difficult to disassemble if you have already sent the departed.


There are different arrangements for condolence flowers, and many of them are for stands. You may also send flowers in a vase to place on top of the coffin. But if you want a condolence wreath with a usual arrangement, it is the one with a stand.


You will also see them in different styles and shapes, so choose one that would fit in the funeral place. Be reminded that the bigger the wreath, the more it will cost. If you are not on a strict budget, you can go for the big ones with different flowers. And when it comes to colours, white is the most commonly used one.


The condolence wreath you will send must be from a florist known in the industry. They are the ones who know the arrangements and what flowers must be together. Florists must also know the meanings and differences of the flowers to help their clients decide.

Choosing a condolence wreath can be challenging because you need to be mindful of the meaning of the flowers and how people see them. Avoid insulting the family or visitors by picking the correct ones. It should start from the flowers you will give, the colour, and the style.


Knowing how to choose a condolence flower is one step to sympathising with the family. However, bringing it to the funeral home could be difficult because of its size and style. Handle it correctly to avoid getting damaged and ensure that the family will receive it in good condition. Flower delivery in Singapore can help, and here is why you should have the service:



  • To preserve the flower quality and ensure that the recipient will receive it in good shape.
  • Use the service to surprise a loved one, especially on birthdays and anniversaries.
  • To save time and energy in getting the flower to the florist and sending it to the recipient personally.
  • To have the flowers on the same day of the purchase.
  • To get offers for delivery services.

Delivering the flowers is a good option, especially if you do not have a car to send them to the funeral location. Just give the florist the address, and they can directly send it there. Always think of the meanings of the flowers to avoid insulting anyone. Learn more about flowers by visiting the website of Flowers and Kisses. They also accept birthday flower delivery in Singapore.