6 Tips on Selling Your Antiques


You may be keeping some antique objects for a long time in your house. Instead of letting them collect dust, you can consider selling them to earn some profits if it does not have any significant meaning to you. The following are 6 tips on selling your antiques.

Find Out the Antique’s Value

Before you can put up the antique for sale, you need to find out its worth. One way to do this is to perform an online search on Google to identify the item. You can also use an online service like JustAnswer Appraisals to get an appraisal for all types of antiques including clocks, chandeliers and candelabra. You can also bring your antique item to the auction house and find a professional antique dealer to appraise it.

Look for a Specialized Dealer

It is important to look for someone who is well versed with your item in order to appraise it. There are dealers that specialize in various types of antiques including clothing, arts, and dolls. For example, Replacements, Ltd. specializes in selling antique chinaware and flatware. If you cannot find any dealer, you can set up your own exhibition. For example, some art collectors have set up their own exhibition to showcase their artworks. Having your own artwork exhibition shows that you are a real lover of art objects.

Selling Your Antique on eBay

You can sell your item on eBay. You only need to set up an account on eBay. It is easier to sell when you list it for an auction and let the law of supply and demand sets the price. If you list it for auction, you must set a reserve price. You will want to consider selling it locally on eBay if the shipping fee is expensive.

Selling on Consignment

You can also consider selling your antique on consignment. This means that your item will be on the display shelf for some time until someone buys it. The downside of selling on consignment is that your antique can become lost and damaged. It is suitable for people who want to sell antiques that are not rare or valuable. It gives you an opportunity to sell it for more rather than at a yard sale.

Get to Know the Marketplace

You must get to know the marketplace of your antique prior to listing it for sale. You want to find out about the fees that will be charged by the marketplace when it sells. You can get someone who is experienced to guide you on selling your antique in the marketplace. You’ll also want to choose an auction house that is specialized in your type of antique. You have to go through all the terms of your marketplace, and selling procedure. You need to provide accurate documentation of the item you are selling.

Avoid Restoring the Antique Yourself

Some people make an attempt to restore their antiques so that they could have a higher selling point. However, you could make your antique art lose its value at the same time if you do this. The value of the antique item may be on its original paint and artwork design so you should not try to make any alteration. It is up to the buyer to decide whether he wants to restore it or not.