7 Reasons Why Athletes Wear Compression Gear


Compression garments have been studied for years to help athletes improve performance and comfort. Unfortunately, the appliance of tights in sports has turned from performance enhancement and support to mere aesthetics. It’s not a rare case that the athletes wear it to cover up for imperfections they may have. More high school and collegiate players started to wear them under their basketball shorts and jersey in Singapore because of their role models.

Compression garments can be short, reach down to the knee or even extend the entire leg. Numerous studies have examined compression shorts or an arm sleeve on athletic performance and injury prevention, and many found benefits of such compression garments for athletes. You can also choose from an array of headbands, armbands, and even shooting sleeves. But, what sorts of benefits do they provide players and exercise enthusiasts?  

#1 Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

Muscle fever might emerge two days after exercise, especially if the activity involves a lot of eccentric contraction (e.g., gym work). Sleep and other biological stressors, as well as genetics, play a significant role in this.

Medicine cannot explain delayed onset muscle discomfort for the time being. Many athletes feel that massage, coupled with taking ibuprofen, can relieve their pain. If you suffer a lot of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS), you may be deficient in vitamin D or sleep.

Using compression tights and an arm sleeve during a workout can reduce muscle oscillation and, as a result, micro-tears that produce delayed muscle pain. Athletes and exercise enthusiasts may control electrolytes and glycogen with the correct diet, reducing post-exercise discomfort. 

#2 To Prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

It is a medical disorder that occurs when blood clots develop in veins. DVT mainly affects the lower legs or even the thighs, and it may happen to anybody, regardless of age.

Swelling and soreness are common symptoms of deep vein thrombosis, and the skin may feel warmer than usual.

A study of 1681 persons found that compression garments benefit, especially after surgery, with just 9% of those who wore compression leggings beneath their shorts developing DVT and 21% of those who didn’t.

A blood clot can go all the way to the lungs and block an artery, making this a dire situation. Doctors recommend wearing compression gears, like shorts and an arm sleeve, to minimise oedema and increase blood flow.

#3 Increases The Benefits of Stretching

When a game goes into overtime, there is additional playing time. Because most players stretch at the start of the game, muscles might tense as the game progresses.

An intriguing aspect of compression tights is that they aid in extending the benefits of stretching during a game.

When there is a lot of stoppage time, players might feel cold. Compression shorts, tights and an arm sleeve can help keep them warm.

Compression shorts, believe it or not, can also lower your risk of strains. It can even help with strain recovery. Compression shorts may be ideal if you are prone to this form of sports-related injury.

More and more athletes wear compression gear under their basketball shorts and jersey in Singapore. It can increase blood flow to the muscle. Increased blood flow can get more oxygen to the muscles and improve performance. Muscles require a sufficient amount of oxygen to perform. So, the more oxygen in the blood, the better. Long term effects of increased blood flow even include bettering the body’s ability to fight off infections.

#4 Provides Groin Support and Holds Everything In Place

Do you need a little more groin support or carry a cup? Compression shorts with cup pockets are ideal for this. They give an easy and comfortable approach to protecting sensitive body regions while training or competing. Athletes who need more protection but don’t want to forgo comfort will appreciate cup pocket shorts.

Running in boxers and shorts might be unpleasant while your buddy dances around like they are in the open field. Wearing compression garments can keep your genitals in check. Holding it against your body may alleviate any pain you may have when sprinting and leaping.

Some compression garments, like shorts and an arm sleeve, include cushioned areas, which is a bonus, so don’t hesitate; you’ll feel much better during the competition. Compression tights are the way to go whether you’re a professional or just playing pick-up.

#5 It Can Ease Injuries

Some compression garments even come with padding that can protect your hips, knees or other sensitive body parts. It supports your muscles, which provides a comfortable feeling during a game. That’s like a hidden advantage of wearing compression tights. If you tumble, at least you’ll have something under your shorts.

When an athlete gets knocked down or has to rush and dive for the ball, a compression garment like an arm sleeve can help. Dives would result in a terrible burn owing to the hard surface of the ground. As previously said, padded areas are a fantastic complement to compression clothing. You can have more security if you want it. 

It also reduces the need to wear too many items of clothing that can get uncomfortable with movement. You will notice that even casual players use compression clothing more and more instead of knee or elbow support in Singapore.


#6 It Can Keep Your Body Body Temperature 

Sweating is the body’s method of cooling itself. Wearing compression gear under your basketball shorts and jersey in Singapore can keep the body temperature stable and aid in rapid cooling.

A compression arm sleeve on each arm and leggings can keep the body warm. It is especially crucial in sports where quick bursts of vigorous exertion are required, like basketball.

There is a greater risk of injury when applying quick stress to a muscle. It, in turn, maintains the muscles fluid and can assist athletes in avoiding muscular tension or pull.

#7 Better Comfort

Some athletes don’t even consider the benefits they get when wearing these clothes. 

While compression shorts put pressure on your buttocks and thighs, many athletes find them to be extremely pleasant and provide little wind resistance. Compression shorts create less chafing and friction than standard sports shorts, and they won’t ride up as you run, squat, perform sit-ups, or stretch, among other activities.

It’s enough for them that they feel good in them, that they play well while they are injury-free. Athletes also look fantastic in compression garments, like shorts and an arm sleeve, aside from being comfortable, and they don’t care how others view them for wearing them.

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