A Short Guide on Finding and Buying Sofas Online


Whether we like a small and homey living room or a grandiose one where we can be comfortable talking to our home visitors, there’s one thing that most (if not all) of them have in common that ties the whole space together: sofas (or couches and settees, as they’re also called). When we gather in the living room, sofas have served as a place where we can rest and talk about our day. Sofas have been the centre of our living rooms for many years and will continue to do so for years to come. We even use them for spaces like offices and other places.

From giant L-shaped couches to a small 3 seater leather sofa in Singapore, sofas have been our safe places for generations. Because we use sofas for many purposes, such as resting after a long day, receiving guests, and bringing together the whole family, one should be careful about what sofa they choose for the living room. Are you a homeowner who’s shopping for a sofa to replace an old one, or need to look for a sofa to complete the look of a new living room? Then this guide is for you.

A short guide on what you should look for in your sofas

Buying a sofa isn’t as simple as strolling into a designer furniture shop in Singapore and picking out a sofa that you think looks great in your living room. There are a lot of things that you have to take into account when you decide on a sofa that you want for your space.

Wait, why could it be difficult to choose a sofa for a room? Isn’t it just like picking any other piece of furniture? The reason that it could be more difficult is because of the sheer variety of factors that can influence the look and feel of a sofa. Here are just a few factors that you have to think about when you’re choosing a sofa.

Materials. How soft do you want your sofa to be? Each type of sofa material or fabric can affect the sofa’s viability in certain homes and rooms. For example, you can buy a leather sofa in Singapore because they’re often considered a luxurious choice, but it can be tricky to maintain as it can rip and tear over time. On the other hand, sofas of cheaper fabrics can come in a wider variety of styles and textures but can stain more easily.

How many people can it accommodate? What size is the sofa? Can it seat only two people, or can it comfortably seat a family of seven? Sofas come in many sizes. Having an appropriately sized sofa will help with giving the room a sense of scale and avoid it from looking empty or too cramped.

Colour. Do you want a more neutral look for your living room? You’d probably go for subtle or understated shades like off-whites, blacks, or greys. That means you’ll probably want to choose sofas that come in these colours too, so you can match its aesthetic. Thankfully, you can find sofas in a variety of colours that you can fit with almost any theme.

Sofa style. Going for a fun style? Or want something modern and minimalist? Perhaps you want to go for cosy and classic. The style of sofa can determine much about your living space because they’re usually the centrepieces of any room. For example, you can buy a chesterfield sofa in Singapore for use in fancy or elegant rooms.

Always remember to do your research before buying a sofa, especially if you’re not buying it in person. Planning to buy a sofa online? Here are a few tips for mastering remote furniture shopping.

What if I plan to buy a sofa online?


You have to be extra careful when buying a sofa online because it’s easy to accidentally purchase one you don’t need or isn’t suitable for your home. Because you can’t see it for yourself in person, you have to devise workarounds so you can obtain the information you need. Here are some tips to help you out.

1) How to check the materials. Examine the sofa and check its relevant information under the description. It will usually specify what fabric or material it is made of. Once you find out, look for material samples that you can compare it with. You won’t be able to find an exact match, but at least you can come close.

2) How to check its size. Again, pay close attention to its dimensions. If it doesn’t state this crucial information, it’s best to shop in another furniture shop online in Singapore rather than take that huge risk. Make sure you also measure the dimensions of your living room.

3) How to check its colour. Do not purchase a sofa without first receiving high-quality images of your purchase. Visualise it in your living room and make notes on its appearance and colour and whether it will look good in your space. Your sofa is expected to stay in your living room for years to come, so you can afford to be picky.

4) How to check its sofa style. Going for a certain aesthetic for your living room? It might be a good idea to consult your interior designer on what sofa styles you should look for. Another good idea is to do your own research on the different sofa styles.

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