Brield services


To stay in business, 3rd party shipping and order fulfillment companies need customers. And to attract those customers, these service providers have to offer customers a breadth of services that will allow them to compete successful.

But before selecting a service provider, potential customers must be comfortable that their choices match up seamlessly with their vision and requirements. Also, customers should check to see if the company they pick can adapt as needed.

Types of services

Unlike some companies, Brield offers order fulfillment services in addition to 3rd party shipping services, giving it an advantage in the industry. The company, owned by Omnitech International, provides individuals and business owners living outside the United States a mail forwarding service. As part of the service, customers get their mail sent to an address in the United States. They can also shop at U.S. retailers and get those packages forwarded to them overseas.

“We are continually looking for ways to serve our clients even better and offer them more efficient solutions,” the company says on its website at

Closeup look

A more detailed look will give potential clients an insight into the services which order fulfillment or 3rd party shipping suppliers to select they should pick.

Brield views its business clients as partners. Success, after all, is making sure both sides benefit. The company has developed services that are flexible and do not price potential customers out of the market. Services include:

  • Transportation Management Service
  • Comprehensive Logistics Solutions
  • Mail forwarding services
  • Order fulfillment
  • Fulfillment by Amazon
  • Inspection and quality control
  • Consultancy services
  • A highly-trained customer service department
  • Receiving and processing inventory

Brield’s mail forwarding services also includes providing customers with a U.S. address, consolidating and repackaging mail and packages to reduce shipping fees. And it works with United States businesses to access international markets.

When customers sign up, Brield monitors processes and procedures, making improvements along the way. And any discounts the company gets from carriers are passed to customers.

NyBox, which focuses on international shipping service, opens the door for members to shop online at U.S. retailers. Service areas include:

  • International package forwarding
  • International mail forwarding
  • U.S. shipping address
  • Shop USA ship international
  • Shop and ship from the USA
  • Shop from USA, ship worldwide
  • Personal shopping service

Clients can choose the type of memberships they want.

Premium membership comes with:

  • $15 monthly fee
  • A New Jersey street address
  • Access to the “Buy for Me” option
  • Free parcel consolidation and repackaging
  • Average discount of 60% off shipping
  • Realtime mailbox management
  • No setup fees

Standard membership:

  • No monthly fee
  • Access to the “Buy for Me” service
  • Parcel consolidation and repackaging
  • Average discount of 40% off shipping
  • Mailbox management

At Borderlinx, clients needing international shipping services can shop online from the USA, the United Kingdom, China, and Germany. And like other 3rd party shipping suppliers, the company offers clients local addresses when they sign up.

Services include:

  • Consolidating and repackaging shipments
  • Shopping concierge
  • Shopping assistant
  • Shipment value protection
  • Home Delivery

Stackry, an international shipping provider, also gives clients a U.S. address to use when they shop at U.S. Service areas include:

  • Consolidating and shipping packages
  • A list of popular retail partners from which to shop
  • International shipping options