CCTV in Singapore – 4 Ways To Setup A CCTV Surveillance In Your Business


With people coming in and out of your business property, it’s integral to consider the security of the compound. Valuable information and assets are prone to be targeted for theft and burglary. Thus, investing in CCTV in Singapore proves to be an essential gateway to implementing stronger security in your business.

Every business is prone to criminal activities that can threaten the safety of employees and assets within the premises. Thus having a good CCTV surveillance system can be a cost-effective security solution, reducing the need for hiring security personnel for monitoring. If you plan to avail of CCTV surveillance in Singapore, here are a few tips for setting up your system for your business:

1. Know the area to be surveilled

The answer to this may depend on what areas need proper surveillance. Hence it’s vital that you conduct an assessment with a specialist to determine if it needs CCTV and what type of cameras will work most effectively in the given area. Some larger zones in your workplace may need wide-angle CCTV surveillance cameras, while some will require ones that work with low light.

2. Know the strategic points for placement

When hiring a CCTV surveillance company, ensure that the system will cover the entry and exit points. On the other hand, when going through other perimeters in your workplace, take note of areas that are highly interesting for burglaries and theft. Are there any unauthorised areas nearby zones with heavy traffic? You should also consider placing ultra-wide angle cameras in exterior areas that contain vegetation (trees and shrubs).

3. Pair the camera system with proper lighting

When opting for CCTV surveillance in Singapore, you need to think about how the system will function under low-light conditions. You might consider adding night-vision systems or infrared CCTV cameras, even if they seem to cost more than average. It’s integral that you don’t compromise your camera systems, especially at night when your premise is most vulnerable.

4. Think about the quantity of the cameras

If you are running a small retail store or a workplace, you must have at least two to three cameras. It will be sufficient enough to act as a deterrent against robbery and intrusion. Make sure that entrance and exit points are covered. However, if it is a larger business, you might be wondering about the number of cameras you will need. The quantity of your CCTV cameras will always depend on the number of areas that need coverage and surveillance.

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