Dealing With Thread Tap Nightmares


If you have experience tapping threads you are likely to know already how this process could suddenly turn out to be a great nightmare of all times. In the manufacturing units, one of the standard processes to be observed is tapping of thread. Different types of threads need to be tapped on various components. Normally the tapping of thread is kept for the last leg of the production cycle for various reasons. 

With the entire production process is completed with just the tapping process to go, if something goes wrong with the tapping process, the entire product has to be junked. This could lead to a huge loss to the manufacturer. Therefore, the manufacturer has to take utmost care to ensure that the frequency of such episodes are reduced. 

Regardless of whether you are using a UN thread tap or a trapezoidal thread tap, the taps can break during the tapping process. If it breaks inside the component you are manufacturing, the entire production process could be stalled. First, the broken tool has to be retrieved from the component. Secondly, during the retrieval process the component should not be damaged in any way. Thirdly, after the careful removal of the broken thread tap from the component, the tapping process has to be completed. If everything were to run smoothly, the entire process would take just a fraction of the time it would otherwise take. 

Anyone who has gone through the above nightmares will pay extra attention to two things. First, they will ensure that only premium quality trapezoidal thread taps or UN thread taps are sourced. Secondly, they will ensure that strict thread tapping protocols are followed to minimize the breakage of thread taps and other related issues. 

Only highly experienced thread tapping experts should be engaged to tap threads. There should always be a standby technician to handle the process in case the designated technician is unable show up. No untrained or unqualified personnel should be engaged in the thread tapping process. 

Make use of adequate quantities of premium quality lubricants while tapping thread. Avoid using mediocre lubricants because wrong choice of lubricants will lead to a heavy loss. 

By taking adequate precautions, it is possible to minimize the issues during the thread tapping process. You could only try to avoid breakage of thread taps but is not something that you could avoid 100%. Every manufacturing unit aspires to achieve this goal but at its best, one could only try to perfect the processes. 

You should also focus on regular sourcing of thread taps. Your tool room should always be fully stocked with adequate supply of thread taps. You should not wait until the thread taps run out before you placed your order. By staying ahead of the sourcing cycle, you will be able to have adequate supply of the required thread taps. Start paying attention to all the above areas and minimize the thread tapping nightmares. Selecting the best quality thread taps will help you save you from such issues to a considerable extent.