Decorating 101: How To Mix Vintage And Contemporary Furniture  


    They say your furniture speaks for the value of your home, whether you aim for a specific theme to modify your home, your interior matters if you wish to live in a place you love.

    However, for most homeowners who don’t prefer to plan out their architecture in a tied single theme, incorporating features from different histories might be the best idea.

    One of the things homeowners can consider when they buy furniture in Singapore is the combination of modern or contemporary furniture with something vintage to create a contrast. Antiquated items like a vintage sofa in your Singapore home is a terrific way to add some old-fashioned charm and dimension to your home, making it feel more personal and unique.

    For some who like the idea of creating a blended home that spans generations, here are some recommendations for mixing old and new furniture.


    Tips on How To Complement Contemporary and Vintage Furniture

    Find the perfect balance between independent furniture

    When it comes to blending vintage with contemporary pieces, balance matters.  An ideal house isn’t just a collection of matching pieces; it’s a place where you may gather the things you care about and cherish. However, it is essential to disseminate the ageing over a room so that the contrast between old and new doesn’t feel outdated.

    You can combine a fabric sofa in your Singapore home with avintage sofa if you place it in areas that balance its appearance. The notable characteristic of vintage is that it can fit any lifestyle in various locations. You can avoid an awkward feeling in a room by placing light and slender things close to heavier objects. Designs, hues, materials, and styling options abound when there is a sense of proportional harmony throughout the room.

    Complement the new and old furniture

    It’s impossible to tell what is new and what isn’t when you collectively mix and match different styles. It gives the impression of a home accumulated with value through time. You may include a modern dresser paired with a vintage sofa you can find in Singapore shops.

    However, it’s important to remember that when you buy a sofa online in Singapore, ensure that it complements your interior and location. You may have a vintage sofa as the room’s antique item, but the couch and bed still have a decidedly more modern conventional feel to them.

    Create a proportion

    Keep in mind the room’s arrangement, furniture, and wall hangings are all symmetrical and create flow, precisely if you’re blending bold designs and eccentric vintage items such as a vintage sofa. Soft hues, sleek materials, and angular shapes may brighten a room with antiques created from materials like wood or leather. However, make sure to only choose a single material because having a fabric sofa and a 2 seater leather sofa in your Singapore home interior might be too overwhelming.

    Make your statement piece the focal point.

    If you are looking for ways to make your vintage sofa in your Singapore home interior pop, you may do so in a minimalist room. Let your old-fashioned household furnishings sparkle. If you’re looking for a focal point in your home, you may put it in your living room or office. You can make the most of your antiques and one-of-a-kind furniture by displaying them prominently.

    The striking scale and style of contemporary designs can more than make up for any historical item. If you prefer to be bolder, you may also incorporate gold as a colour theme.

    Accents like golden frames or side tables can help to bridge the gap between antiques and contemporary furnishings. They can help contextualise large antiques, like a vintage sofa and lend a glossy touch to the space.

    Mix and match materials

    It is possible to mix and match furniture styles from various areas and eras when buying furniture in Singapore. Thanks to a resurgence of retro and Mid-Century Contemporary designs, rearranging modern and vintage furniture has never been simpler than it is right now.

    Combining a vintage sofa with an angular modern fabric sofa or a wide 2 seater leather sofa or couches with exposed-leg minimalistic chairs is a great way to add texture and warmth to your living space.

    Be mindful of accent pieces.

    If you buy furniture in Singapore and prefer small pieces of design rather than large-scale items, you can still incorporate eye-catching antique focal pieces. An excellent place to start is with tiny tables and wooden chairs or wall hangings like French gilt lamps, light fittings, and carpets.

    You can begin by doing it slowly or piece by piece until you complete your whole decorative interior. It can be a work in progress that you might enjoy doing in the long run.


    Why Invest in Quality Furniture

    When it comes to decorating homes, modern Singaporean homeowners embrace the idea of splurging on pieces that will stand the test of time. It is because it screams artistry and creativity combined with a unique blend of style and creative vision.

    Furniture that is one-of-a-kind, first editions, limited editions, or minimal series is at the upper side of the scale and does not depreciate over the years. Fortunately, homeowners can now buy a sofa or other furniture online in Singapore.

    What makes it beneficial is that there is no need for you to do anything other than select the size of furniture you want and then order it from the furniture supplier.

    You can buy furniture in Singapore on the internet in a simple manner. While you’re on your couch, you can log on to the websites and place your selected furniture in your shopping cart. You don’t have to make the long drive to your neighbourhood furniture store anymore.

    There is a wide selection of things available when you buy a sofa online in Singapore. You can choose from a vintage sofa, fabric sofa or a leather sofa that you can incorporate into your house interior.

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