Hot Topics To Write About In 2020


Writing about hot and trending topics is very essential as it easily grabs readers’ attention and chances of getting extra views on your articles also increases. 2020 has hit the whole world differently and the world is in a very strange place at the moment. There are a lot of changes been made and the way of living our daily life has also changed. Till now 2020 has given us various trending topics to write about and here are a few of them:

  • Work from Home- There is no surprise at all when we say work from home is one of the biggest trending topics of 2020. People are still finding ways to build a work environment and set up their office at home. Many are looking for ways to fix up their desks and learn about zoom meetings. Work from home no longer means earning money from home.
  • Food- We know food is a topic that can never be out of trend, that’s not possible. But 2020 has grabbed each and everyone’s focus towards food. MasterChef level cooking at home has become a competition and necessity now. From simple baking to international cuisines, preparing food at home has become a major trend in the whole world.
  • DIY and Crafts- In this lockdown, people have finally found some time to relax and explore their creative sides. People who love to create things are looking for various DIY and crafts topics online. Not only small stuff but some have even renovated, painted, decorated their rooms and houses, and also re-built some old stuff. 
  • Beauty hacks and haircuts- You would be lying if you still haven’t cut or styled your hair or helped a family member in doing so. With salons closed, many people started protesting but smart ones turned online for beauty hacks and hairstyles to do at home. 
  • Important Movements- Though 2020 has been tough for all of us, it brought people’s attention to important things that were needed to be addressed like the importance of climate change to movements like Black Lives Matter, which brought the entire world together to fight for justice and peace. These topics are important movements and very necessary to write and focus on.

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