How To Choose Your Printer? We Answer


On the market today, there are a plethora of printer models to choose from. Despite the fact that this sector seems to be impenetrable, the richness of the offer makes it possible to cater to the specific requirements of each individual. Listed below are some suggestions to assist you in navigating through it:

There are three major product families to consider:

  • Multifunction printers (also known as multifunction devices)
  • Printers
  • Printers with specialized capabilities

What factors should you consider while choosing a printer?


Printers are items that are designed only for the purpose of printing. Because of this, they perform flawlessly in this exercise, regardless of whether it is in color or monochrome.

  • In addition to being able to print in large quantities, they also have a very fast printing speed.
  • These models are especially well suited for small workgroups since they are very compact, reasonably priced, and extremely efficient when it comes to consumables.
  • They are often equipped with wife, which allows for mobile and remote printing.
  • If you print just sometimes, an inkjet solution is a good choice since it is a very affordable product in terms of pricing.
  • Choose laser technology if you want to print more in a shorter amount of time and with higher volume.

Multifunction printers

Multifunction printers are what we refer to as “smart business printers.” They are multifunctional in the sense that they can do several tasks at the same time, such as copying, scanning, document management (character recognition allows the conversion of an image into text), and so on. All of these models may be combined into a single model that fits the requirements of all companies.

They are frequently equipped with a touch screen with customizable functions, consumables tracking software, document management, Wi-Fi, and other features that will make your daily life easier while not compromising the high printing performance of these machines, which is an important consideration.

Printing in color and black and white on A4, A3 paper is possible with the MFPs, which are available in either inkjet or laser technology. They will be customized to meet your requirements and work in your area of expertise.

Printers with Specialized Skills

This category contains all of the models that are designed mainly for commercial use.

This printing family comprises, in particular, the following items:

Matrix printers are a kind of printer that prints in rows and columns

The printer is equipped with needles that will transfer the ink to the paper by striking it against a ribbon in the process. This method enables printing on a variety of different formats. They are especially well suited for use in severe conditions (resistance to shocks and extreme temperatures, transport, etc.). Printers with a matrix design

Plotters are those who plot out a course of action

  • Large format printers, designed for high-definition printing tasks, are capable of printing on a wide range of paper weights and textures, resulting in very high-quality prints.
  • They are particularly well suited to creative occupations, such as graphic design and architecture.
  • Plotters are those who plan things.

Thermal and receipt printers are also available

These printers, which are ideal for printing on flexible materials such as packaging or plastic, are used to print labels, bar codes, and other receipts on a variety of materials (credit card, cash register, etc.). Thermal and receipt printers are two types of printers.