How Warehouse Logistics Works?


 Right after COVID-19 came to exist and spread throughout Malaysia, you probably have noticed delivery services had increased a lot. Many people started relying on online shopping since they temporarily cannot go outside and buy what they need and want. Furthermore, this dilemma did not only happen in Malaysia but also to other parts of the world. Thus, businesses took that opportunity to expand their brand. They thought that having a warehouse will indeed help their logistics. Well, they are not wrong about that since it does help them retain their customers and sales.

However, how does warehousing in Malaysia help a business? Does it optimise a business’ supply chain? Here, let us show you how it operates, especially in 2021.

How Warehouse Logistics Works and How it Can Help Your Business?

Receiving Products

Once you hire a warehousing company in Malaysia, they are the one who will bring the products and store them into the warehouse. However, before they do so, they will include a tracking tag. So, they would know where to find the items are. Furthermore, they arrange their inventory by categories. With that, you can rest assured that all products will be in good shape until your clients receive it.

Storing Orders

After they get the products from your facility, their employees will store them in their respective locations. They usually divide these items into the area where they will be delivering the product. Therefore, there will be less traffic, and clients could receive their order more quickly. Also, while they were doing that, they would input all the details an order had. So, employees knew where to look for them when they needed to deliver it.

Retrieving Products

Apart from labelling the order, they also attach a barcode. That way, they could search in their system if the product is indeed in their inventory. With that, retrieving the items where they stored will become a lot easier. They would know which warehouse they keep the orders safe.  In short, this is where the cross-docking warehouse process happens.

Packaging Orders

Before the warehousing dispatch any items on their end, they will need to pack those orders again by categories. These classifications are by size, value, and fragility of the product. Also, they include a tracking number so they could track its real-time location once they send it out to the courier.

Dispatch to Courier 

After packaging all orders, they will schedule when they would send each out. That way, there will be less traffic and all items will not be late for delivery. Much more, there will not be any discrepancy that can happen.

Managing Return Products

Even if there is an issue with the product, they will try their best to satisfy customer demand. That is their way of managing returns. Sometimes, they will also take responsibility for any loss and damages. And with that, a business like yours can minimise its losses.

What Challenges Do They Encounter and How They Overcome Them?

Inventory Accuracy

Before the warehousing company closes its inventory for the day, they will check whether their storage is full or not. That way, they could update their system and notify their clients like you when you can store and have your products delivered through their services.

Storage Location

To further improve their efficiency, they train their staff and remind them about the flow they need to follow. That way, they can store, track, and deliver all orders stored into their inventory. They also use an application to know when and where they need to drop off the item. With that courier, will not have a hard time retrieving product and have it delivered.

Redundant Processes

It does happen. That is why most warehousing companies use barcode technology so they can eliminate this issue. And it helps them save more time and effort checking where the product is.

Why Does Warehousing Matters in a Business’ Logistics?

Control of Inventory

Since they handle a hefty amount of products in their inventory, they use barcode technology to prevent duplication. It also notifies if their warehouse is already full or not.

Economic Perks

Delivering products is not an easy affair since it involves so many costs, such as fuel and transportation. However, a warehouse company acts as a buffer between these costs. They help businesses like yours keep and increase your profits. That can only happen since you no longer have to get storage to store your products and men to deliver it.

Social Benefit

Through their delivery services in Malaysia, your employees would not need to work overtime to deliver your customers’ order. They will do it for you. With that, you can rest assured that your employees are safe.

Cross-Docking Warehouse

As mentioned earlier, a cross-docking warehouse is a process whereas they know where to access the products they stored. It can also be a process that can help them move an item to the nearest destination where the client’s address is.

Accept and Distribute Orders With Hock Cheong in Malaysia

At Hock Cheong, their warehouse and logistics will deliver your customers’ orders on time without any delay. You can rest assured about their services since they have been doing this process since 1932. With those years of experience, they know better how to store products and even manage returns. So, in any case, you need a hand to deliver your brand, let Hock Cheong help you with that. All you need to do is give them a call and let them know where they need to deliver the product.

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