Make your Reception Area Stand out for the Right Reasons


AYour company’s reception area is a lot more important than many people think – as the first port of call for visitors to your business, it is really the face of your company. We all know how it takes our brains only a few seconds to form an impression – whether of a person or a place. So, make sure that when people visit your business, that people form the right impression – here are a few ways to make sure that your reception stands out from the crowd…

Make sure that you get your branding right – branding is so important when it comes to sending a message to customers – using the colours that are part of your logo and considering how you can tie that in with your design of the reception area – as well as this, it is also a good idea to have your company logo displayed in a bold and eye catching position.

Make sure that it is a comfortable place to wait – make sure you have comfortable seating – you can get Bestbuy reception chairs online for example and there are a wide range of seating options out there, no matter the size of your space. Another top tip is to have books instead of magazines – there are two reasons for this – one is that magazines can quickly look dog eared and scruffy, and books can be tailored to interesting parts of your industry.

Keep it Clean – Because of the amount of people that come in and out of a reception area, you have to pay particular attention to keeping it clean – make sure that floors and tables are cleaned regularly – a dirty floor, or used coffee cups in a reception give a bad impression.