Recycled Content SPR Polyolefin Film and Polythene Films Have Proven Successful



The plastic tax was introduced by the government in April 2022 for all plastics that contain less than 30% recycled content. This tax is £200 per 1000KG of plastic.

Sontex have recently introduced our environmentally friendly 30% recycled content SPR Polyolefin shrink wrap film that is plastic tax exempt. It has the same clarity, seal strength and shrink performance as standard non recycled content polyolefin films and has been a huge success during extensive trials at customers on manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic shrink wrap machines.

We have also introduced our plastic tax exempt 30% recycled content Polythene shrink film in single wound for sleeve wrappers and centrefolded for L-sealers. This also has excellent seal strength and clarity.

Our recycled content SPR polyolefin film and Polythene films have proven so successful with our customers wanting to save money and do their bit for the planet that we are phasing out all our non recycled content shrink film.

Our environmentally friendly and plastic tax-exempt shrink films are all available from stock for immediate delivery. Please contact our film sales department if you would like to arrange an on-site trial with one of our representatives and move over to a more planet friendly shrink wrap film.