Tax Returns and Your Options Now


Did you miss the deadline to file a tax return and did you not request a postponement in time? Then it may happen that you will be fined by the tax authorities. In this checklist you will read an overview of the consequences and you will receive tips on how to solve the problem and reduce the chance of recurrence. Forgotten your tax return? These are the consequences. To estimate business taxes you need to choose the right calculator now. You can find the best choices there with the best deals available for you now.

The Shared Options

You should have submitted the income tax return before 1 May this year. Due to the great pressure on the website of the Tax and Customs Administration, this deadline was postponed to May 5, but that was really the deadline. If you have forgotten the tax return or have not requested a postponement in time, there is a good chance that you have received a message from the tax authorities. What are the consequences?

Reminder and warning

If it is the first time that you are filing a late income tax return , you will not be fined immediately. In the first instance, the Tax and Customs Administration sends a reminder, requesting that the tax return be arranged as soon as possible. If you still ignore this reminder for whatever reasons, you will automatically receive a reminder in the letterbox. This states that you must still submit the declaration within a certain period. Usually a period of ten working days is used for this. 

Default penalty

If you exceed the period in the reminder, you will end up in the danger zone. Only if you have submitted the declaration due to force majeure too late, you can still avoid a fine. If you submit the declaration after all reminders and reminders, you will receive a default fine. This default penalty amounts to 369 euros. If you have been absent before, the fine can even be up to 5,278 euros.

Successful administration

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Knowing more

If you do not file a tax return at all, the tax authorities will make an estimate of your income and you will automatically receive a tax assessment. In addition, you also have to pay the default fine of at least 369 euros. Please note: If you do not file a tax return for corporation tax , or if you do not file it on time, the default fine is even higher: 2,639 euros. This fine increases to 5,278 euros if you fail to file a tax return for several years in a row.