Tips For Fathers Seeking Full Custody Of Their Child 

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You might think it is impossible, but fathers do get full custody of their children. Gone are the days when the court only considered the mother’s rights when it came to children. Now, fathers have just as many rights as mothers do. Still, it can seem like a challenge when you try to seek full custody of your child. 

No matter how many challenges you may encounter, it is certainly possible to achieve the goal. You just have to know and follow the right tips. Speak with a Birmingham divorce lawyer to know more about your rights as a father. 

Tips for fathers seeking full custody of their child 

  • Pay your child support payments. 

If you want to live with your children and have control over their lives, you must pay your child support payments fully and on time. These payments are meant to take care of your child’s needs, such as clothing, schooling, food, entertainment, etc. Therefore, if you fail to complete this obligation, you will be seen as an irresponsible or careless parent. 

In case you do not follow a court arrangement and have an informal one with your spouse, it is still important to maintain records of your payments. 

  • Have a plan ready. 

Gaining complete control over your child means you become fully responsible for everything that happens in their life, from their schooling to feeding them. Therefore, the judge will probably need to hear your plan about how you will manage everything. For example, the judge may question you about living accommodations, financial preparedness, education, etc. 

  • Build a strong relationship with your child. 

The key to getting full custody of your child in Birmingham is maintaining and strengthening your relationship with your child. Even if your child is not yet in your custody, you should still pay attention to them. Make sure you communicate with your child every day and be their best friend. 

Attending their school activities, taking them for a doctor’s check-up, and playing sports with them during the weekends can make a lot of difference. The court will only consider custody when they see you as an ideal father. 

  • Treat your co-parent respectfully. 

Just because they are your ex does not mean that you can argue with them all the time. How you behave with your co-parent and treat them is key in determining child support. Being rude to them makes you seem like a bad parent who causes trouble in the household. This type of person is not seen as an ideal parent by the court. Therefore, the court is more likely to side with the nicer parent.