Tips For Your Baby Photography Shoot


7 Essential One-Month Baby Photography Tips To Take Cute Photos!

Photography is a wonderful field that welcomes people who have a true interest in the subject. A formal degree in photography is not what is asked of people here. All you need is insight and the skill to click some beautiful pictures. Some of my techniques and tricks are sure to help you with your next newborn photography shoot if you keep them in mind.

Your photographs will help your clients cherish the beautiful memories of those early moments if you click the right pictures.

Timing Is Everything

Babies can be unpredictable. You cannot ask and expect them to pose and accommodate you as their parents do. Newborns have their happy moments and their sad ones as well. There will be moments where they are giggling away, making for some of the most beautiful shots. Other moments will come as well when the baby starts crying, and the mother might take him/ her away for a quick feed or a nappy change.

You need to know that you have to make the most of every moment with babies. Take as many pictures as you can, and you can edit them out later.

Using The Macro Mode

A newborn baby is not little for very long; soon, those tiny hands and feet will start to grow out, and the parents might forget how little the baby once was. Use the baby’s nap time to get in some great close up shots. You can try doing this in the macro mode as well; try to zoom in and get those tiny ears in a frame.

A picture of the baby’s fist, curled around the mother’s finger makes a wonderful shot. You can also photograph the father’s face close to the child’s and illustrate the resemblance. Getting the siblings (if any) into the picture with the baby is also a great idea. It will make for lovely memories later on in their lives especially with you edit with these tools;


Just like a smile from a baby can make your day, a great newborn photoshoot can make your career. If the parents love the pictures, they are sure to tell their friends about you; who are sure to have kids, adding to your client base.

Baby photography is a wonderful branch of photography. The tidings to new life are always exhilarating; imagine making a living out of photographing newborn babies with their family! Such is the opportunity you get working as a baby photographer.