What Must You Know About a Printing Company?


Even though there is now online advertisement, many people still prefer printed materials. They found it more reliable than the ads that pop up through the screen of their gadget device. That is one of the reasons why digital printing las vegas nv still exists today.

Another fact that would support that claim came from Neuroscience. According to their study, 70% of people are most likely to remember the things they read in print rather than online. In other words, print marketing remains relevant, even in this digital world.

Yet, some businesses still shy away from printed materials. They thought it would not reach anyone and would only add to their expenses. But little did they know, most readers trust advertisements found on printed materials like a magazine more than the digital media. That is why veterans still rely on a printing company.

For sure, the thought of hiring a printing company surprises you. Probably, you cannot believe that print marketing still works today. But this claim is indeed the truth. As online advertisements become common each year, more people skip them when it pops up the screen. They find it annoying since it pauses the video they are watching.

On the other hand, the poster that a printing company in Singapore prints does not do that. Anyone could read what is on the printed material at their own pace without disturbing what they are doing.

If you are thinking of relying on one, read the rest of this article. You will find out why a printing company is worth hiring and what printing services they could offer. Also, how to find the right one and what you should do before requesting a print order,

Why-Hiring-a-Printing-Company-Is-Worth-ItWhy Hiring a Printing Company Is Worth It?

It is an easy task to set up a website for your business. But building a brand image is a different matter since it takes more time and effort. Apart from promoting your products and services online, people around your business need to know more about your brand.

Sure, they could quickly search your name online, but having a poster posted on your shop is different. It only takes a glance for them to know what you offer. Of course, to make that happen, you should let a printing company do the poster printing and other printed materials you need in promoting your business. To further elaborate, read the reasons below.

5-Reasons-to-Hire-a-Printing-CompanyProvide Better Quality

Once you rely on a printing company, you would no longer have to do the poster printing by yourself in Singapore. That gives you peace of mind that the end product you receive meets your expectation. Sometimes, more appealing than you imagined it would be. As such, more customers would support and buy from your brand.

Enhance Your Print Order

The main goal of a printing company is to satisfy your request. That is why they offer suggestions on how to improve your print order aesthetic-wise. Most often than not, you can let their layout artist do wonders to make your print order more appealing.

Offers Premium Printing Materials

The way your poster looks would reflect the image of your business. If it has poor quality, there is a chance your customer will find your brand unreliable. That is why a printing company guarantees the end product their clients would receive looks perfect. Its text and images are all in high resolution and vivid colours.

Saves Your Time

By hiring an expert, you would not have to deal with the process of printing the magazine of your company in Singapore. They will do it on your behalf. Just make sure you rely on all the details of what you want to happen and how many copies you need. As such, your printed materials are ready for your marketing campaign!

Trim Down the Printing Cost

It sure does! Just imagine, if you do the name card printing by yourself, you have to buy many things. Getting a commercial printer alone is more expensive than letting the expert do the name card printing in Singapore.

That is why hiring a printing company is indeed worth it since you would not have to buy things you do not use in your daily operation.

Are you finally convinced to let a printing company print all the printed materials you need in promoting your business? If yes, and you think they would be a lot of help, make sure you know what printed services they could do for you.

What-Printing-Services-They-Can-Do-for-Your-BusinessWhat Printing Services They Can Do for Your Business?

Regardless of how long your company has been in business, you have to rely on printers materials other than an online advertisement. Doing this alone takes time and a lot of effort. One way to make it easier is to let printing services do it on your behalf. Here is a list of what they can do for your business.

Some-Printing-Services-They-Can-DoBusiness Card Printing

Whether you have recently set up a company or been in business for years, you should have a business card. This printed material will help you create a tangible connection with your customers.

Before requesting a name card printing in Singapore, make sure it also contains the URLs of your website and social media account. Adding those would help your customers get to know more about your brand.

Brochure Printing

Another way to promote your brand is to hand out brochures whenever a potential customer passes through your shop. Using this printed material, they will learn more about the products and services you often offered.

Fret not since the cost of printing brochures is cheaper than printing a magazine in Singapore. It is more affordable because it has fewer pages, around six leaves maximum.

Poster Printing

Printing a poster is a great way to advertise new promotions of products and services. All you have to do is post it on the wall of your shop and let the people take a look at it.

When you request a poster printing in Singapore, you should let them know the size of the end product. Otherwise, the printing company might print much bigger or smaller than what you want.

These are some of the printed services they could do for your business. In case you have no idea which one to use first, feel free to describe them. Since a printing company has been in business for years, they might know what you want to happen and make it come to life.

How-to-Find-the-Right-Printing-CompanyHow to Find the Right Printing Company?

When choosing a printing company in Singapore, there are many things you need to take into consideration. You should not hire anyone just because you have seen their names on the recommendation list. You have to see for yourself what qualities they have. You could do that by considering the factors below.

4-Factors-to-Consider-When-Finding-the-Right-Printing-CompanyExperience in Printing Services

Besides the number of years indicated on their About Us page, you should also know if they have the experience to do your print job. To do that, you should consider reaching out to them. Make sure you are ready before you do that. Prepare a list of questions about what you want to know about them.

Uses the Latest Printing Technology

While you are interviewing the printing company, you should ask about this matter. If they said yes and you have confirmed they indeed use the latest printing technology and equipment, thatmeans it could produce quality and more printed materials. Moreover, the turnaround time per print order will be much faster, and customers like you would not have to wait for long.

Meet Deadlines

Besides offering a wide range of printing services, a printing company should be able to meet your requirements, including the deadline. As such, there will be no delay in promoting your seasonal products and services.

For example, if you are offering something for the Chinese New Year, the printing company should finish your request at least a month before. That way, you would have more time to hand out the poster you ask them to make.

Good Customer Service

You will know they have good customer service if they answer your inquiry right away. Moreover, when they initiate to show you the sample products they have, including the reviews left by their previous customers.

Make use of the factors mentioned above when finding the right printing company. Remember to take your time so you would not hire the wrong person for the job. As such, the quality of poster printing you will receive meets your expectations.

What-Must-You-Do-Before-Requesting-a-Print-Order-to-the-Printing-CompanyWhat Must You Do Before Requesting a Print Order to the Printing Company?

Since this is your first time requesting a print order from the printing company, you are probably clueless about what you need to do. To give you a hand, make sure to keep the following in mind. You can do these practices whenever you are requesting poster printing and other printed materials in Singapore.


Set a Focal Point

Whatever printed materials you have decided to use, your print order should have a visual focal point. Not only does it draw attention, but it also helps deliver the message it contains. To make this happen, design around the subject you want to act as a focal point. By doing this, it would create an impression on the target audience. As such, it would leave something in the mind of your potential customers.

Add Catchy Element

Adding this would make your print order more appealing. It will capture more attention and make the viewers want to learn more about the products and services.

When adding a catchy element, there are five ways to jazz up your printed materials: foiling, embossing, debossing, die-cutting, and spot UV. Each of these elements would help catch the attention of your target audience. However, you should choose one or two and not add all of them in one print order. Otherwise, it would look over promotional.

Maintain Consistency

As you already know, consistency is the key if you want your customers to support your brand for a long time. That is why you should do the same with the printed materials you are handing out to them. Make sure the end product looks the same as the one you are planning to post online.

Choose the Right Colour Mode

As you already know, there are two colour modes that people use: CMYK and RGB. These colour modes reproduce differently once print. To know which one you should choose, ask the printing company what set up their printing technology and equipment uses.

Use the Right Font Size and Resolution

Besides the colour of your print order, you should also consider its font size and resolution if you want your target audience to see it right away.

For example, if you want to post a poster in your shop, its font size should be visible even from afar. That is the only way so your customers would get to notice it at once.

Check the Spelling of the Content

Since your customers would be reading your printed materials, they should have the correct details. One spelling wrong could make a poor impression on your business. Therefore, you should always double-check the file before sending it to the printing company and let them start the poster printing in Singapore.

You can do more than these practices if you want your print order to be flawless before turning them over to the printing company. It will save you more so you would not make any mistakes with your print order. As such, your printed materials are ready to be handed out to your customers and other passersby.

So-What-Must-You-Do-NowSo, What Must You Do Now?

Well, it is nothing grand. All you need to do is decide whether you should hire a printing company and let them print all the printed materials you need. Once you learn you indeed need one but do not have enough time to look for a printing company, go to Win & Win Printer. Use the tips mentioned above if they are the right expert for you and see if they indeed provide quality poster printing in Singapore!

You can get in touch with Win & Win Printer by visiting their website here.