When Should You Seek Companion Services?


Companion services of the Valley Forge home health care sector are mostly used by people with disabilities who need assistance with everyday tasks such as toileting, getting dressed, eating, and other activities of daily living. These services can provide benefits for a person’s physical and mental wellbeing.

Companions are trained individuals who provide beneficial services to individuals who need help out in their normal daily lives. These individuals provide safe and appropriate care for individuals who are in need of supervision or assistance with personal hygiene or medical management while they live at home or in an assisted living facility. 

When should you consider seeking companion services?

Here are three signs which suggest that it is time to consider companion services.

  • When a disabled or old adult needs assistance in fulfilling his daily tasks such as cleaning, cooking, and transportation

Companion services are available to help older and disabled adults who need assistance with daily tasks such as cleaning, cooking, preparing meals, and taking medications. These services can be provided by trained individuals who are properly screened and certified for appropriate care. Companion services available to older or disabled adults can include transportation to medical appointments, shops, and other places.

  • When a disabled or old adult is socially isolated and spends much of their time alone

Companion services are available to help older or disabled individuals who feel isolated, lonely, or depressed. If a loved one always seems to be spending his time alone, this may be a sign that he needs some companionship.

Elderly adults who have problems with memory loss can also benefit from companion services. A trained companion can assist an individual with memory loss in performing daily activities and other needs such as grocery shopping, hospital visits, and other errands.

  • When a disabled or old adult is uncharacteristically sad or depressed

Companion services are available to help older or disabled adults who feel lonely and depressed. An individual who is feeling sad or depressed is a concern and needs assistance. Emotional issues may not go away on their own and in some cases, depression can worsen which may lead to suicide. This can be prevented if you seek the help of home care providers who can provide the necessary care for your loved ones while they receive psychological counseling. Companions are beneficial in many ways to older and disabled individuals.