How To Keep Your Retail Store Clean and Organised


Have you ever entered a convenience store that is so disorganised that the item or product you are looking for is in the wrong aisle? It is annoying, right? Imagine the same situation happening in a bigger supermarket instead of a small convenience store. It is a complete disaster!

It could be troublesome if you are a retail store owner. Frustrated customers will never think about coming back to your disorganised retail store. No matter what kind of shop you have, be it a clothing boutique, a cake shop, or a simple merchandise store, your products should be displayed neatly and orderly. An organised arrangement of products on stainless steel shelvesand well-designed shelving rack merchandise display in Singaporeelevate the customer experience and sell your products easier.

Here are some tips on how to keep your retail store clean and organised:

Ways To Keep Your Retail Store Organised

Have A Strategic Retail Store Layout

Layout design is the spatial arrangement of the elements of the floorplan. There are different types of floor plans with their own advantages. You can use these advantages by using the right floor plan for your store. When coming up with the retail store layout, the designer must consider the store design and customer flow.

Common Types of Retail Store Floor Plans

Straight Floor Plan

The straight floor plan is one of the most efficient and straightforward layouts for a retail store. In the straight floor plan, thechrome plate shelving racks are positioned in straight parallel lines, creating a space in between the shelves or racks.

Supermarkets, convenience stores, and book shops use this type of layout.

The drawback of this floorplan is that the other merchandise is not visible from the outside.

Loop Floor Plan

The loop or racetrack floor plan is a grid-free floor plan where a centre display is placed in the middle of the space while the other stainless steel shelves surround it. This layout creates a space or pathway between the centre display and the racks around it– hence a loop pathway.

Some designers incorporate colours, lines, and marks to guide the customer through the loop. The goal of the loop floor plan is to expose the customer to as much merchandise as possible while highlighting other products on the centre display.

Larger retail stores use this layout, including department stores and clothing boutiques.

Angular Floor Plan

The angular floor plan incorporates curved corners and soft angles in the layout for a better traffic flow. Commonly angular floor plans use rounded displays, fixtures, and astainless steel rack with wheelsto create a more sophisticated look in the retail store.

Unlike the first retail store layouts, the angular floor plan uses fewer racks and shelves and displays fewer products.

Speciality stores, artisan shops, and jewellery and accessory stores use this layout the most.

Keep The Display Fresh

One way to create an illusion of something “new” in your retail store is by keeping the arrangement fresh.

This tip is effective in apparel shops, accessories and jewellery stores, and other merchandise stores.

You can move your items around the shop by changing their arrangements or rotating your stainless steel rack with wheels around the shop weekly and monthly.

You can also change the highlighted items by changing the products on the centre display. It is also a good trick to sell older merchandise.

You can also freshen up the decoration based on the occasion to make the shop more attractive.

On the other hand, supermarkets and convenience stores have more custom product arrangements that can’t be rotated easily. In this situation, keeping thestainless steel shelves organised by ensuring there are no lost products mixed in different aisles.


Don’t Clutter The Shelves

As much as possible, avoid stacking the products. Apart from not displaying or exposing the products properly, it is unattractive to the eye.

One way to organise your products on your shelving rack in Singapore is by using the rule of three.

The rule of three means grouping your items into three on your chrome plated shelving. You can organise your products by arranging them as short-medium-tall. It works well in clothes, footwear, and even kitchenware. This display rule creates variation and evenness.

Also, don’t clutter your centre display. The purpose of centre displays is to highlight the hot items in the store. Cluttering the centre display eliminates the exclusiveness of the highlighted product.

Put together compatible products

You never see cleaning agents and chocolate bars in the same aisle together in the supermarket. It is because these two products are simply not related together.

Displaying related merchandise together makes it easier for the customer and staff to navigate the store.

For example, allocating an aisle or two for laundry materials, like bleach, detergent powder and soap, and fabric conditioners makes it easier for the customers to locate the items they need without roaming around the store.

It also applies to apparel and concept stores. Displaying and grouping office and business attires, summer wears, or accessories together make the shopping experience much better.

Use Inventory Management Apps

Lastly, organising your retail store should not only be in the shop itself but also in the storage.

Inventory management apps and software also help organise your store’s storage for you. It can track the supply of products in the stockroom, keep tabs on the inventory, and monitor the ins and outs of the sold or returned products.

Inventory management apps and software do not require your staff to go to the stockroom to check eachchrome plated shelving for the available product whenever a customer asks.


Do you know that the simple arrangement of your product affects the behaviour of the customer inside the store? Messy and disorganised stainless steel shelves and merchandise arrangements confuse and put off customers.

Much worse, the state of your retail store reflects your brand. Obviously, no entrepreneurs want to be remembered as messy shop owners. It is not too late to rearrange and organise your shop!


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