Should You Get a Divorce or Save Your Marriage?


Wouldn’t it be nice to spend the rest of your life with the one you love? It sure does. We all dream and want that to happen. However, love and relationships are such a complicated matter. Sometimes, it does not go as well as we planned. That is very much true, even if we do everything we could, we feel like we have not done anything at all. When that happens, we would feel frustrated by not being able to fix our relationship. We end up feeling trapped and unfulfilled with the marriage we have. And, that is one of the worst emotions we could have. After all, who would want to have an unhappy marriage? No one! No one wants to stay in a toxic relationship, even if we still love the person. At this point, all we want is to become free. Free from these invisible chains called marriage. And that is when the thought of getting a divorce came into your mind in Singapore.

When Should You File a Divorce in Singapore?

Even though it is a natural thing to happen, it is not an easy matter to decide. More so, if you do not know whether you should file or not. So, to make everything easier for you, take note of these signs when.

  • You no longer argue.

When it comes to a relationship, we feel all sorts of emotions. Sometimes it is sweet, other times it is spicy. Nevertheless, it is everything pleasant. However, by the time you no longer feel that way, then that is a problem. It is either you grew tired getting into an argument, or there is no longer a fight to fight for. You are just staying with them because it is convenient.

  • You hide the real you.

Do you remember the song All of Me by John Legend? It says that we should love all of our imperfections because they are part of who we are and our significant other should love it, too. However, we are all insecure creatures. We are afraid of rejection, and that is why we prefer hiding our actual selves. However, would you be happy living like that for the rest of your life? Of course not. You wouldn’t. So, when that time comes, think about filing a divorce in Singapore instead.

  • Your spouse stops being your go-to

Besides our parents, who do we call when something happens in our life? Who is the person we call when you hear the good news? Well, of course, our spouse. We would want to share everything with them, even our bad days. However, does your spouse do the same? Are you still their go-to person? Or do you hear the good news from other people? If you are experiencing the latter, then that is no good. You might want to reconnect with yourself with them before you start looking for agood divorce lawyer in Singapore.

  • You imagine yourself getting to another relationship.

Although you are not having an affair in person, thinking about it still counts as one. That is very much true if the person you have in mind is someone you know. Perhaps, your neighbour or friends. Well, in any case, if this happens to you, try to reimagine the days you have been through together. However, if that did not work, then it is time to let go.

  • You want something else.

No matter how different you are from one another, a healthy couple would agree on something. You would do your best to understand each other. However, if you no longer argue with that and try to do things by yourself, then that is time to file one.

  • Planning an affair comes into your mind.

Without a doubt, you have to file one right away. Otherwise, you would hurt your significant other and make things worse. If you have guts, let them know that you have been thinking about this matter and let them know that you are no longer happy staying with them. It might be painful at first, but it is better than you, getting caught up in having an affair.

What Emotional Stages You Will Experience During the Process of Your Divorce?

  • Denial

You might have already filed all of the divorce papers in the court, but your mind and heart would still be in denial as it remembers all the memories you had together.  At this point, all you can think about is what if you did this or that, would you still be together and have a happy marriage? Those questions would end up filing until it overwhelms you enough and wake you up and face reality.

  • Anger

Right after being in denial for so long, you would feel all the rage in your heart and blame them. You would cynically argue that everything is your spouse fault and you would wish you never met them in the first place.

  • Bargaining

During this stage, you are battling between yourself. Thinking about the guilt that you wish you had confessed to your spouse before.

  • Acceptance

Finally, after all the rollercoaster of emotions, you now realise that your marriage is over. The court already agreed and signed up all the divorce papers you both filed.

Are You Ready to Get a Divorce with Your Spouse in Singapore?

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