Family Law Attorney VS Divorce Attorney from Wisconsin


    If you’re considering hiring a divorce lawyer, you might be asking what the difference is between a family law attorney and a divorce attorney. Is there a distinction between a divorce & family law attorney Wisconsin? In a nutshell, there isn’t any different. Divorce is the legal term for the breakup of a marriage. However, both family law and divorce lawyers generally deal with issues unrelated to divorce. Most divorce lawyers also handle cohabiting unmarried couples’ disputes, child custody, and child support issues. 

    Divorce Lawyer and Family Law Lawyer are two interchangeable terms 

    Using an attorney referred to as a family lawyer, divorce lawyer, or domestic relations lawyer all means the same thing. These lawyers will assist clients with domestic concerns, such as divorce, child custody, or domestic conflict. In today’s legal world, both terms are often used interchangeably. They are not meant to imply a higher or lower level of expertise or capability on the lawyer’s part in the issue. 

    What Does a Divorce Lawyer Do? 

    When issues like child custody were exclusively linked to the breakup of a marriage through divorce, the name “divorce lawyer” was likely coined. Property division, child custody, and alimony, for example, accounted for the majority of family law proceedings in the past. These problems are no longer exclusive to divorcing couples. They can be just as common among single people. Most family lawyers now deal with conflict in all of the following areas of law: 

    • The allocation of assets and debts between spouses is complicated. 
    • Cases involving child custody and support that are difficult to resolve 
    • Disputes over child support 
    • Cases of domestic violence 
    • Agreements made before and after marriage are known as premarital and post-marital agreements. 
    • Separation contracts 
    • Child custody issues involving grandparents and non-parents 
    • It is important to have visitors. 
    • Concerns about juvenile court 
    • Adoption 
    • Parental rights are terminated. 

    Many family law professionals also participate in these cases’ arbitration, mediation, and litigation stages. We can help clients get or contest restraining orders when necessary. We also assist clients with implementing court orders and agreements, as well as name changes and appeals of adverse court rulings. 

    When Should I Hire a Family Law Attorney? 

    One of the most typical reasons customers seek the services of a divorce lawyer or a family law attorney is for divorce. However, today’s families encounter a wide range of concerns, and a divorce lawyer can assist with all of them. If you’re unsure whether a family law attorney can help you with your divorce case, the best thing you can do is a phone and set up a meeting. We’ll go over some of the most typical reasons people come to us and employ a family law attorney.