How to Appeal for PR Rejection


Many people are attracted to move to Singapore because not only is it one of the safest cities in the world, but also because of the convenient public transportation system. It is easy to go anywhere you want! What’s more, you will enjoy a fast Internet connection! If this seems like the place of your dreams, then consider becoming a permanent resident or PR in Singapore.

Why Should You Become a PR in Singapore?

Aside from having the peace of mind because you are going to live in a safe country, there are many benefits you may enjoy once you become a PR. It is like almost getting the same privileges as the locals in Singapore. Moreover, it would not be a hassle anymore to keep on processing your documents to ensure you can stay legally. Even

Keep on reading to know what are the benefits of becoming a PR.

  • No more hassle visa applications! You can travel anywhere and anytime without having to go through the long and tedious paperwork
  • You are entitled to the financial and tax benefits of the Central Fund (CPF) scheme! It is like getting a pension fund!
  • No need to frequently apply for a week permit if you want to change jobs!
  • If your parents want to visit you, then you may apply for a long-stay visa for them! You get to stay with them longer!
  • You can become a citizen of Singapore after you have lived in Singapore for years!

However, the PR process in Singapore is not easy. Usually, it would take you for about a year or less. There are conditions that you have to meet, and they may be related to your work experience, age, duration of your stay, and your contributions to the society of Singapore. If these essential criteria aren’t met, then there is a high possibility that your PR application will be rejected. Don’t worry! If ever you got rejected, then you may appeal for PR rejection in Singapore.

PR Appeal in Singapore

In Singapore, two types of PR appeal exists. Either you have to appeal for PR rejection or reapply for it. Reapplication can take a long time because you have to wait for the cooldown period. Not only do you have to wait for 6 months before submitting a reapplication but you also have to go through the whole PR process again.

Meanwhile, if you decide to appeal to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) for PR rejection, then the process of becoming a permanent resident may be shorter. However, expect it to be quite stressful on your part. First, you have to make drastic changes to your PR application and explain in detail what are the contributions you have made to the Singapore community. You may also indicate the fact that you have finished a higher-tier of studies upon staying in the country.

To increase your chances of getting approved for becoming a PR, try to follow these tips:

Look for a PR Application Specialist

The very first step that you should take to get your PR application approved is to look for an immigration PR specialist who knows the process and has experience in reviewing lots of applications in the past. They will help you determine what are the things lacking in your application.

Most often, it is hard to dismiss our mistakes and shortcomings since we thought what we did is flawless. It would be difficult to see what are the details that we have missed in our previous application. So, it would help if there is an immigration PR specialist who could review and go through your application.

Usually, they would judge your application based on these 5 critical factors:

  • Your education attainment

This not only includes your formal academic background but also your vocational training. Speaking of having a formal academic background, it matters which school you have graduated from. Is it a prestigious school? If not, then it’s alright because the immigration officers would also take into consideration your extracurricular activities such as your vocational training.

  • Your employment status

It would matter in your PR appeal if you could show records that you have worked in a reputable company for years. If not, then you may highlight your work experience and what are the accomplishments you did for your company. In this way, they would see that you are an individual that could contribute well to the Singapore economy.

  • How long you have stayed in Singapore

Even if your employer granted you a long break, you should refrain from travelling to other countries during your break. That is if your goal is to become a permanent resident. The time you have spent living in Singapore matters in the PR process.

  • Have you contributed to Singapore society?

Joining foundations and volunteering matters the most in a PR appeal. Maybe, you haven’t highlighted your charity-related activities on your application that is why you got rejected.

So, find someone who could help you describe well your experience in volunteering. Someone who knows how to write well.

  • Your relatives in Singapore

Your family connections would be your last resort in getting your PR appeal approved. It would be easier if you could ask one of your relatives to recommend you.

Get Your Application Approved with the Help of Singapore Top Immigration

If you feel lost after your PR application got rejected, then you may consult some of the immigration specialists at Singapore Top Immigration. They will teach you techniques on how to appeal for a PR rejection in Singapore.