Why Should Obtain A Post-Renovation Cleaning Service?


Renovations may often be both stressful and exciting. While you anticipate enjoying the new look and a new space, a significant amount of work goes into renovating the space. The changes made take days, weeks, and or even months. As the renovation work ends and the excitement grows, one crucial thing to do before fully relaxing is to obtain professional services of the post renovation cleaning singapore.

Benefits of hiring a post-renovation cleaning expert

If you obtain the professional service of these experts, help with the work to tidy up the work when done. Yet, it doesn’t equate to the full post-renovation cleaning required for you to occupy the space again comfortably. There could be lots of debris and dust that need to be cleared and cleaned away before getting that picture-perfect scene in the renovated rooms or houses. Cleaning the new space benefits the health of anyone using the space.

Post-renovation cleaning services take a plentiful amount of time and effort than most other cleaning jobs. It requires special equipment, techniques, and chemicals in getting it right. The traditional cleaning methods would not cut it when it comes to cleanliness after renovations or construction. Thus, it is essential to know if the cleaning expert you are hiring specializes in this post-renovation cleaning service.

Hire professional cleaners

Professional cleaners are skilled in post-renovation cleaning service that saves time and money. It is the most efficient way to return to your space. When you are hiring a professional cleaning company, you must often check the preferences and ask for the history of customers’ feedback. As a customer, you need to know the chemicals used for the cleaning job and whether or not they have insurance before they come to clean the space.

What does post-renovation cleaning involve?

Take note, post renovation work is more than a regular cleaning job. Most debris and dust from the construction hide away in the cracks and corners. Getting rid of them can be demanding work, so it is recommended to hire a professional cleaning team, specializing in post-renovation cleaning.

Here is a list of cleaning techniques used by the post-renovation cleaners to make the job well done:


Filters/air vents




For the extra post-renovation cleaning jobs

Depending on the scope and size of the renovation work. There is some extra cleaning required in doing the job. Professional cleaning companies have experience in post-renovation cleaning that provides:

  • Appliance cleaning
  • Blinds washing
  • Cleaning lamps or light fixtures
  • Furniture dusting
  • Garbage removal
  • Picture frame dusting
  • Wall washing

There is some customized cleaning work done in the space. You can feel free to talk to post renovation cleaning in Singapore if you need a customized cleaning package that fits your budget and needs.