5 mistakes to avoid after Idaho car accidents


Car crashes, collisions, and accidents are reported regularly in Idaho. Some of these crashes and accidents have serious consequences. While you may vouch for your driving, not everyone behaves rationally on the road. If you have the misfortune of getting injured in such an accident, talking to an Idaho car accident attorney can help. Also, you should avoid some of the common mistakes listed below. 

  • Do not admit fault. Even when you are unsure of your action, do not admit fault. Anything you say at the accident scene can go against you, and more importantly, the insurance company may use this to deny your claim. Be cautious when you talk to the local police officer at the scene. 
  • Don’t miss talking to an attorney. Car accident victims often don’t take legal action because they are unaware of their rights or don’t realize how injuries can impact their life. Also, there is limited time to take action against the other party. Idaho has a statute of limitations, allowing just two years to file an injury (or wrongful death) lawsuit. You need to talk to an attorney immediately to know if you have a valid claim and how you can preserve your rights. 
  • Stay away from social media. Understandably, people want to talk about a crash that has devastated their life, but that is often not the wise thing to do. Anything you post on social media or talk to others can be used against you. Insurance companies would do anything to reduce what they pay for claims, and you can end up providing evidence in their favor. 
  • Don’t talk to the insurance representative right away. Most of us believe that the insurance company will act in good faith when needed. These are companies working for profit, and their representatives and claims adjusters don’t care for your injuries or losses. You may feel the pressure to give a recorded statement, but avoid all of that until you have a lawyer. Your attorney can smartly negotiate on your behalf. 
  • Don’t miss the evidence. The accident scene has evidence that can come in handy to prove your claim. Ensure that you take photos and videos of the accident site, talk to witnesses and take their contact details, and make notes of the crash. Your lawyer will want that info to build your case. 

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