6 Tips for Getting a Singapore Employment Pass


Singapore has become one of the most desirable places to work and live worldwide. However, candidates must first get a Singapore Employment Pass (EP). It is a work permit sponsored by the employer for foreign professionals in management, executive, or specialised positions. MOM has strengthened its EP criteria, emphasising the need for applicants to demonstrate that they would complement rather than compete with the local market. Here are six tips to remember.

#1 Wage or Salary

The remuneration an applicant would receive should be proportional to their experience and the value they would offer the firm. The wage should not be less than the minimum criteria and should be equivalent to local salaries for comparable occupations. Applicants get more chances for approval if they have more sizable wages.

#2 Occupation or Job

Choose the most appropriate job title to reflect the role and position within the organisation for the Singapore Employment Pass. It is also best to consider the primary roles and responsibilities of the applicant.

#3 Work Experience

The candidate should have relevant and verifiable experience in their occupation to get their Singapore Employment Pass approved. They shall not regard an applicant as someone taking local employment. They should have abilities and expertise that are challenging to find among local applicants.

#4 Job Qualification

Newly eligible applicants for the Singapore Employment Pass should have degrees from respected universities. Applicants without degrees should stress their experience, demonstrated talents, and industry-specific credentials.

#5 Documents

The preparation and submission of necessary documents, by you or with help from reputable Singapore incorporation services, is crucial for the application to be successful. Applicants must translate all papers in other languages to English by a licensed translator, notary public or the embassy. It is also vital to have supporting documentation.

#6 Rejection Appeals

Unfortunately, denial of applications on the first attempt is common. In such circumstances, you should file an appeal that adequately answers all concerns. Do not hesitate to contact a reputable Singapore incorporation service if you require assistance with the application.

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