6 Tips on Setting Up a Workplace Safety Plan


Keeping your staff safe at work on a regular basis requires the right strategy. Here are tips to follow for setting up a workplace safety plan.

Did you know that there are nearly 13,000 workplace injuries a day in the United States? What is your workplace doing to lower these numbers?

Keeping your employees safe is a job that never ends. Staying alert and being determined to eliminate workplace safety hazards is crucial to employee safety.

Are you looking for better ways to keep your staff safe? Keep reading for 6 tips on setting up a workplace safety plan.

  1. Safe Leaders = Safe Employees

It’s crucial to make sure everyone is following safety rules. This means even the most experienced manager shouldn’t get complacent and bend the rules.

One of the best ways to manage a team is to lead by example. If managers follow safety protocol at all times, employees know what safety standards they are expected to meet.

  1. Always Be Training

It’s never a bad time to talk about safe work habits. Constant safety education for employees is a great way to keep safety fresh in everyone’s minds.

Consider holding regular staff meetings to go over safety protocol. Even sending out a weekly safety email on top of in-person training can get employees motivated to always think about safety.

  1. Constant Risk Assessment

Always be looking for workplace safety hazards. If something seems a bit risky, it’s better to speak up about it as soon as possible.

You can also have employees from different departments come to assess your workplace risks bi-weekly or monthly. Along with regular workplace equipment inspections, you’ll have greater peace of mind when you constantly monitor the workplace.

  1. Research Rules

The key to staying safe is always changing. New safety protocols can be updated by OSHA without your knowledge.

That’s why it’s important to stay on top of the latest guidelines. This page gives you access to tools that can help prevent OSHA violations in your workplace.

  1. No One’s Above the Rules

A big part of safety in the workplace is making sure everyone follows safety protocols at all times. When one person bends the rules, it can snowball into many employees ignoring safety protocol.

This is very important when training new employees. If they start the job thinking they can get away with safety violations, they can form dangerous habits that put themselves and others at risk.

  1. Improve Often

You should never stop trying to improve your workplace safety plan. Being complacent can lead to oversight, which can end up getting someone hurt.

Seek out safety protocols from other workplaces in your industry. Find out what methods work and which methods can be improved.

Always be looking for better ways to train employees. Most importantly, never pass up a learning opportunity when it comes to safety protocols.

Stay Safe With a Workplace Safety Plan

Now you have 6 great tips for setting up a workplace safety plan. Keep these in mind when determining the ins and outs of your workplace’s safety training and protocols.

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