A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Keto Diet


Have you ever heard of the keto diet before? If your answer is no, then it is safe to say that keeping up with the latest health trends is not your cup of tea.

But you should know that the keto diet has been around since the 1920s, and in recent years there are talks about it on wellness websites to doctor’s office magazines. They are also celebrities who swear in including the keto diet in their lifestyles, such as Halle Berry, Vanessa Hudgens, LeBron James and the former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow. Of course, other than the obvious, locals could quickly find a keto bakery at every corner in Singapore.

That is for sure since many people deemed the keto diet as the answer to weight loss prayers. Though the question is, does the keto diet work for everyone? Unfortunately, it does not work for all of us. According to a study from PubMed.gov, the keto diet can be restrictive, hard to maintain, and a little unhealthy for some people.

However, if you are thinking about giving the keto diet a chance, here are the things you need to know. After reading the article until the end, you would know the answer if you give it a try or not.


What Is Keto Diet?

The word keto is the short term for ketogenic. This diet is all about low in carbs, very strict high-fat, and a moderate amount of protein. If anyone follows this diet and succeeds in cutting down their carbohydrate intake, their body will eventually be in a metabolic state known as ketosis.

When ketosis happens, their body will burn fats for energy, which become ketones in the liver. Ketones are acids that a body uses as fuel or energy for the brain. Though, before reaching that point, some people will need a more controlled diet to produce enough ketones. If that amount becomes too high, it can be bad for the body. That is why those people who are interested in the keto diet should do it moderately. Keep in mind that anything too much is not healthy.

Nonetheless, the keto diet has a lot of health benefits. They are the reasons why it has become a cultural craze ever since it recently revived. A clear example of that is the keto desserts your friends in Singapore posted on their social media.


 Keto Diet?

Wait, wait, wait! Before you jump on the keto bandwagon anytime soon, you should know that the keto diet has several categories. Each one is different from one another. That is why it is a good idea you should find out first what suits your lifestyle and goals. Take note that doing the right keto diet helps you to have a pleasant experience. As such, you could get the most out of it.

To make that come true, here are the types of keto diet that you should know.


Standard Ketogenic Diet (SKD).

As the name suggests, this keto diet is one of the most common versions that most people follow since it often shows consistent results in losing weight and improving heart health and blood sugar level.

How It Works: The ratio you need to follow in SKD is 70% to 75% of fat, 20% of protein, and 5% to 10% of carbs. In other words, the food intake will be 20g to 50g of carbohydrates, 40g to 60g of protein, and the amount of fat depends on what meat you eat.

Who Should Try This: Those who want to speed up their weight loss and want to enjoy the health benefits mentioned above.

Risk to Take Note: SKD is not suitable for pregnant women, people with diabetes not unless advised by their doctor, and anyone who has kidney problems. Also, keep in mind that in the first few weeks, expect to experience dizziness, constipation, and lack of energy.

Cyclical Ketogenic Diet (CKD).

From the word cyclical, this keto diet requires a person to do a repetitive routine. That is why most people often call it keto cycling since it can help anyone stick with their diet.

How It Works: The pattern you will do in CKD helps you not stray away from your diet since it will allow you to take a day or two off, eating with more carbs. After those days, you will go back to your usual routine for five days and take another off to eat with more carbs.

As you can see, the point of CKD is to make it easier for anyone to follow and not let them get deprived of their wants, even for a short while. As a result, they will be able to lose weight without a problem.

Who Should Try This: CKD is for anyone who is in trouble sticking to keto since they could eat any keto desserts in Singapore on their days off.

Risk to Take Note: But before trying CKD, your body should be able to adapt to keto first so it will be ready to burn fat for fuel. Otherwise, you will experience dizziness later on.

Another thing you should keep in mind when you choose CKD is not to eat too many carbs.  If you do so, you will only gain weight rather than lose them.

Targeted Ketogenic Diet (TKD).

Even though this keto diet is similar to SKD, those people who are doing this diet consume carbohydrates around workout times. As a result, their mobility improves since they have more fuel to exercise. That is why most athletes prefer to include this keto diet in their lifestyle.

How It Works: For this keto diet, you have to eat at least 30 to 45 minutes before your workout. Then have a snack of 25g of carbohydrates. What you ate at this time will turn into fuel to help you have more energy to exercise. Just make sure when choosing carbs to eat, they are easy to digest, like gluten-free cakes in Singapore or a cup of white rice.

Who Should Try This: Those who participate in intense, muscle-training workouts like running, swimming, playing tennis, and other sports and have to do either of these for hours on end. Just going to the gym a couple of times a week would not be enough on this keto diet.

Risk to Take Note: TKD is not suitable for anyone who has not been doing SKD for a month for two. You have to know that if the body has not adapted to keto yet, the fat will not turn into fuel. Also, those who try this without any advice from their doctors would experience dizziness due to too-low blood sugar level.

High Protein Ketogenic Diet (HPKD).

As you can guess, this keto diet is best for bodybuilders athletes since it requires a high amount of protein.

How It Works: The ratio you need for this keto diet is 60% of fat, 35% of protein, and 5% of carbs. If you look closer at the amount of protein in this keto diet, it has 15% more protein than in SKD, and that should come from meat, fish, and dairy. You could also include nuts and seeds in between.

Who Should Try This: As mentioned before, HPKD is more suitable for people who need to prevent muscle breakdowns, such as bodybuilders and athletes.

Risk to Take Note: Unfortunately, those who have kidney problems should be too careful not to increase the amount of protein they will take in this keto diet. Otherwise, they may experience a waste buildup in their blood if they consume so much protein.

Most importantly, before you try any of these keto diets, you should meet with your doctor first. Their views and opinions are crucial for you since including either one of these could impact your health. And besides, your doctor knows more about what is good for you to remain healthy at all times.


What Are the Health Benefits of Keto Diet?

Besides its well-known health benefits of losing weight, the keto diet is initially a way to treat neurological disorders. In the 1920s, a doctor named Russell Wilder from Mayo Clinic developed this as a treatment for epilepsy. But now, the keto diet has more health benefits to offer than that. Here are just a few that you need to know.


Relieve Anxiety and Depression.

Even though the findings are preliminary, a study shows that the keto diet helped overcome anxiety. It says that is possible since healthy fats and low sugar levels act as a protective layer to the brain. As such, a person becomes less susceptible to anxiety and eases their depression.

Help Fight Type II Diabetes.

Another health benefit the keto diet has is to control type II diabetes. As long as a person cuts their daily carbohydrates to less than 20g, it would be easier for them to manage their condition. Also, they could save themselves from experiencing other health problems such as kidney disease, heart disease, and stroke. Here is a study that will show you how the keto diet helps a diabetic person improve their blood sugar level.

Once they could control their type II diabetes, it would no longer be a problem for them to eat snacks. However, they should only have a sugar-free cake or other desserts in Singapore.

May Lowers the Risk of Cancers.

Surprisingly, the health benefits of the keto diet do not end there. Some researchers say it may help treat some cancers since they are safe to use along with chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Also, it could cause more oxidative stress in cancer cells, causing them to die. Plus, this diet could somehow slow down the growth of tumours.

Reduce Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Besides diabetes and cancers, the keto diet could also aid in Alzheimer’s disease. According to a study from Science Direct, this claim is possible to happen since ketones provide neuroprotective benefits. That means it protects and strengthens the brain and nerve cells. As a result, the occurrence of forgetting something decreases. That is why any seniors who have this condition can easily manage them as long as they follow their keto diet.

Get a Goodnight’s Sleep!

According to Pamela Ellgen, a personal trainer and author of Sheet Pan Ketogenic: 150 One-Tray Recipes for Quick and Easy, Low-Carb Meals and Hassle-free Cleanup, many people on the keto diet say they can sleep better than before.

Though before that could happen, expect to experience insomnia in the first three to five days. Those days are the adjustment period people on the keto diet often encounters. Once that is over, your body will start to adjust so it could burn stored fat. Then, you will find yourself being able to sleep soundly, and when you wake up, you will feel so rested.

In summary, the keto diet provides many health benefits, both mentally and physically.


So, Should You Give the Keto Diet a Try or Not?

That is okay if you still do not have the answer to this question. Take your time and think about everything thoroughly since changing one routine is not an easy thing to do. Just keep in mind that the keto diet does not work for everyone, and to find out if it suits you is to talk to your doctor. Also, if you have any medical condition and have medication to follow, you need to consult with them more.

In any case, your doctor allows you to give the keto diet a try, then go for it! Incorporate the keto diet in your life one at a time. You could start by eating keto desserts in Singapore instead of any pastries you can find outside or online.

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