Aftermath of a car accident: You need an injury attorney! 


Motor vehicle accidents, crashes, and collisions are all too common in Colorado. A sudden car accident can derail someone’s otherwise normal life. If you ever have the misfortune of getting involved in such an accident, it should be your immediate concern to hire an attorney. Engaging one of personal injury lawyers in Colorado Springs can help your case in a big way. Here are some aspects worth knowing. 

What to do after a car accident in Colorado?

  1. Firstly, get medical help. Check if others are injured and need assistance. Even if it seems that your injuries are not that severe, consider seeing a doctor. Sometimes, the impact of an injury may not be apparent right away. Do not run away from the accident scene, until the police arrive. It doesn’t matter who is at fault, or the other surrounding circumstances, you have to pull over and wait. 
  2. Gather evidence. If you are in an okay condition, your next step should be about collecting evidence. Take as many photographs and videos possible, covering every aspect that of the scene. Note down the details of other vehicles, ask contact details of other drivers and witnesses. 
  3. Inform the insurance company. Following a car accident, you have to inform your insurer right away, and do contact the at-fault party’s insurer. The statute of limitations in Colorado allows three years to file personal injury lawsuits, but that doesn’t apply to car insurance claims. 

Why do you need a car accident lawyer?

For filing an insurance claim for your damages, you don’t need to hire a car accident lawyer by law. However, the role of a lawyer cannot be denied or ignored. You definitely need an attorney, if 

  1. Your injuries are severe
  2. You have suffered permanent or temporary disabilities
  3. You have incurred huge vehicle damages
  4. You were partly at fault
  5. You are unsure of fault

A skilled accident lawyer knows what it takes to deal with the insurance company and see through their tactics. They can work on collecting evidence and investigate the matter, so that your interests and rights are protected. Engaging a lawyer early for your car accident case can help in prepping better. While most claims and lawsuits related to car accidents are settled outside of court, your lawyer will know when a trial is necessary to get the due settlement.

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