Are lab created diamonds a worthy investment?


Lab-grown diamonds as the name suggests are grown in labs under controlled conditions. They are also referred to as the cultivated diamonds; synthetic diamonds, artificial diamonds, or cultured diamonds. Both lab-grown and mined diamonds exhibit same physical and chemical properties but they differ in the way in which they are manufactured. As compared to the natural diamonds, the lab-grown diamonds are cheaper and economical. According to the experts, the mined diamonds were formed under the earth’s surface at least 3 billion years ago. These formations took place deep down the earth’s surface and it came upwards during volcanic eruptions.

However, lab-grown diamonds are created in a closed chamber which is heated around 800 degree Celsius. Basically, these diamonds are grown under controlled conditions and they receive the same kind of certification like the mined diamonds. Though the specifications might differ from one lab to the other, majority of them would grade the diamonds based on the 4C’s- Color, cut, clarity, and carat.

If you’re wondering whether you should invest on lab created diamond rings Australia for your wedding engagement, you can take a look below.

Top reasons why lab created diamonds is the best choice for engagement:

When choosing an engagement ring, you should be careful of the choices that you make. The world is changing so it’s important to change your perspectives and vision as well. Make a choice that is sustainable and environment friendly. Do you know diamond mining has given way to conflicts and riots because of forced child labor? Moreover, miners die in accidents and sometimes they are being paid so less that it doesn’t reflect the worth of their dedication and hard work. This is one of the reasons why lab-grown diamonds is considered an ethical choice. Besides this, there are several other reasons why these diamonds are the best.

Environment friendly

Though mined diamonds look gorgeous and appealing, it puts a lot of pressure on Mother Earth. They require heavy machinery and equipment for digging. This creates a lot of havoc as it disturbs the nearby surroundings, generates lot of mineral waste, and causes water pollution thus threatening aquatic life. Also, energy consumption in mined diamonds is more as compared to the lab-grown diamonds. The latter requires only 18 gallons of water per karat but the former needs 126 gallons of water. Also, the energy needed for manufacturing lab-grown diamonds can be recycled and renewed.


Unlike natural diamonds, lab made diamonds are affordable and an economical option for those who are looking for budget-friendly jewelry options for their engagement ceremony. What’s more? You get the same kind of quality, variety, consistency, and clarity at a reasonable price range.

Ethical production

As already mentioned, this is by far one of the major reasons why majority of the people love lab-grown diamond rings. Mined diamonds are associated with lot of controversies like child labor, work-related hazards, and human right violation which is complete absent in lab-made diamonds.