Car Shipment to Nevada – Some Things to Know


Nevada city takes pride in being the land that has two different interstate freeways in its northern and southern section namely I-80 and I-15. The best way to reach Nevada, when transporting a car to the place is on I-15 interstate freeway.

Hiring a car transportation service becomes necessary, when you are looking for a way of car transport to and from Nevada. You can take help from Ship a Car, Inc. They are the most opted transportation service and can guarantee to deliver your automobile to any part of the US. Visit their website to avail more information about their shipment service.

Shipment of a Car to Nevada

The most preferred route of car shipment to Nevada by the transportation companies is either through Reno region or through Las Vegas. The shipment service will decide the right route to take based on their shipment delivery options.

Instead of driving your car all the way to Nevada, it is suggested to take help from the car shipment services. Driving is actually a tiring job, and hence you can take a rest from all the driving problems and sit back and relax with your family members in the truck that is carrying all your household items towards your destination.

Auto Transport insurance


Every transportation service will include the auto transport insurance in their shipment quotes. Even though the shipment services can guarantee 100% safe transportation of your automobile, there are higher chances of your car suffering from some major and minor issues such as,

  1. Alignment problems
  2. Leakage of the fluids such as brake coolants, oil, steering fluid and so on
  3. Difficulty to start after the vehicle is shipped
  4. Possible scratches and dents on the vehicle body
  5. Damage to the area covering the undercarriage of your vehicle

When such things happen, the auto transport insurance provided by your transportation service will cover the possible loss that you have suffered.

After Car Shipment

Once your vehicle reaches your doorstep, you should keep some points in mind. Some are listed below.

1.     Check Your Vehicle Thoroughly

Auto insurance will not cover the damages that are already present in your vehicle before the shipment. However, you can claim the insurance amount, if you find any new dent or scratch or even damage on the windshields and exhaust system, cracks or leaks and so on.

2.     Take Photos

Before sending your car away with the shipment service experts, it is suggested to take thorough photos of every nook and cranny of your car. This will help you check whether the car has reached the same condition as when it left your house, after it is delivered to your doorstep.

3.     Filling the Gas Tank is a Big NO

Do not keep the gas tank filled up before the transportation. This will just add extra weight to the car, which might even become riskier.

4.     Clean the Car

Remove the removable options such as the sound system, car seat covers, new design additions, etc., and everything else before the shipping of your car. You can even clean the car thoroughly so that no dust or debris is shipped to your new location with the car.

Automobiles are your precious possession. Safeguard them by hiring the best shipment service.