Common FAQs About Payroll Software


Payroll Software is one of the most essential tools for startups and SMEs. It’s safe to assume payroll falls under the monthly ‘top expenses’ in any startup because it’s not just about paying employees but also covering taxes which can get complicated without the right payroll software.

Payrolls are often an overlooked expense when starting out because everyone goes straight into building their business. Fortunately, payroll software can make things easy. You need accurate reporting on employee hours so employees don’t get paid incorrectly due to faulty timekeeping.

Ignoring payroll is not okay. Payroll has serious repercussions for businesses of all sizes, big or small. It’s important that every business takes the time to ensure they are following all applicable laws in terms of compensation and tax obligations. If you are using payroll software, below are the answers to some frequently asked questions.

What is payroll?

Payroll is the process of paying employees for work they do at your company. It includes collating data, tracking how many hours it takes for them to complete their tasks and then distributing paychecks accordingly—all while recording payroll expenses like taxes on top.

What is payroll software?

Payroll automation software is a powerful tool for HR professionals to automate their payroll processes from start to finish. It manages and streamlines this entire life cycle, providing salaries in an efficient manner that saves time overall.

Why is using payroll software important?

While it’s sometimes hard for businesses to keep up with the modern times, it is necessary. If you continue to do your payroll manually, it can become a roadblock to the company’s growth along the way. That said, ensure you are automating the payroll process. You will reap countless benefits and you will get things done in record time.

Some of the peerless benefits of using payroll software include:

  • Payroll automation. When it comes to payroll, you need an automated system that can calculate complex calculations with complete accuracy. The risk of human error is eliminated when using the software and functions like year-end reporting become easy for even amateur accountants.
  • Track expenses. Payroll is the bane of any business. You need to be paying attention and investing in software because manual accounting becomes difficult with larger companies. When you’re doing everything manually, it can get tricky and time-consuming and you might not have ample time to take care of other important tasks like sales or marketing.
  • Secure payroll data. Payroll is one of the most important aspects of any business. With so many details on payroll, it’s easy for something or someone outside of your organization (like hackers) to get interested and access and misuse payroll data. Fortunately today’s payroll software comes with advanced security features like encryption keys that can’t be decrypted without an appropriate key. Only trusted users will have access to payroll data so everything remains secure and protected.
  • Efficient and easy tax management. The choice to use payroll software is a smart one for any business. This will help you understand how the latest changes in taxation law affect your employees and their wages, as well as ensure that all taxes are paid on time with no late fees or interest charges added onto top.
  • Easy app integration. Payroll software enables multiple people to receive payroll inputs every month. Paying close attention and staying on top of all the payroll information can be a challenge for any business. However, everything is a lot easier with payroll software. With a payroll software, it’s a lot easier to optimize its use through seamless app integrations.