Different Types Of Pallet Inverters In The Market


Pallet inverters have become an indispensable asset in industries and warehouses today. In every warehouse, there is the movement of heavy pallets and items, which need to be properly handled. The pallets hold all the items and these pallets, when mishandled, can become dangerous. This is the reason while using pallets you must always use a pallet inverter.

A pallet inverter is a useful machine which streamlines the work of pallet handling. These masterpieces and wonders of engineering handle the products by flipping the pallet that they are on. This inverter makes the process of material handling very easy and convenient. Using pallet inverters in your warehouse can also reduce the risk of injuries to a significant extent.

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Different types of pallet inverters

Inverters differ in size, automation and position. There are mainly three types of pallet inverters:

1- Manual inverter

2- Semi-automatic inverter

3- Fully automatic inverter

The choice of your pallet inverter will depend on the need and the storage capacity of the warehouse and also on your budget. If you have a large warehouse with a big storage capacity, then you can go for a stationary pallet inverter because all the pallets will be brought to it and it can do the job easily.

However, if you have a small warehouse, then you should go for a mobile pallet inverter. This is because the mobile pallet inverter saves a lot of space in the warehouse. Further, the choice of inverter is also governed by the size of the business and the amount of work that is to be done. For instance, a manual inverter is ideal for a smaller operations.

The manual inverter uses labour personnel to control and operate the machine for inverting the pallets. These pallets are used to store and transport the product in the warehouse and the different areas of the factory. The pallet inverter is the machine, which makes this whole process very seamless and convenient.

However, a manual inverter will take a dedicated worker to manage the machine. Such inverters are smaller in size and less expensive. Further, it is also slower than its automatic counterparts. The next type of inverter is the automatic inverter which needs no worker to operate or manage it. It is much faster and takes no labour.

This type of inverter is ideal for big corporates and big warehouses where a lot of things are going on at the same time. Although the intervention of the operator is required still the intervention is not as much as that is required in the manual inverters. Their speed is their main highlight of them.


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