Discover The RAW Format By Taking Photos With Your iPhone


    The Power of RAW on iPhone, Part 2: Editing RAW | by Sebastiaan de ...

    We all wonder how it is that some people take photos with their iPhones and these seem as if they had been taken with a professional camera. We come to think that their cameras are magic or that they are professional photographers and that the possibility of achieving shots like this with a cell phone is very distant for us.

    However, we do not think about the process of how these photographs are taken, because we think that it is complicated, that they use other tools. Well no, among other options offered by iPhones, they can capture RAW photos and understanding the magic of these files is simpler than it seems.

    So How Can We Understand What RAW Magic Is?

    It is a file format that contains a large amount of information superior to that of a shot in JPG, with this extra information you can make changes to your photograph that with a capture in the JPG format you could not. It allows you to edit more freely because it can change the white balance of a photo, or change the lighting from the brightest to the darkest shades depending on your creativity. Visit

    In other words, the possibility of capturing photographs in this format will allow you to edit your images on another level, turn a simple photo into a work of art that speaks for itself and can transmit much more, due to the different nuances of color, lighting changes, giving you a range of editing options that a JPG capture doesn’t have.

    The Main Differences Between JPG And RAW

    When taking a photograph in JPG you have to make sure that it is perfect when you press the shutter, on the other hand, a RAW shot saves extra data so that when you carry out the editing process you can correct errors, you can modify more thoroughly different details and have a wider field to experiment.

    Considering this benefit, it is necessary to mention that the weight of a file of this class is 10 megabytes, which is much greater than that of a JPG file that is 3 megabytes, and therefore the processing system is slower. That is why it is also advisable to know when to use this format.