Importing Goods Into Canada? Here’s Everything You Should Know Pre-Hand


The Canadian government, like any responsible government should, imposes strict rules and regulations on imported goods. The landscape of these rules is so wide that you cannot get the goods cleared at customs single-handedly on your own. What you actually need is the aid of services like the Clearit customs brokerage services on imported goods. Clearit customs brokers and agents are the professionals that get your cargo cleared at customs whether they are arriving by air, ocean, or truck. Read through to find out all the details.

For Shipments Arriving by Air

Air transportation is the fastest means of importing goods into Canada. And, Clearit can get your air cargo cleared at customs at all major and minor Canadian airports within a short span of time that can even be as less as 30 minutes – depending upon how quickly your freight forwarder can supply them with the information on packing list and the airway bill.

On a quick note, they need the following documents to get the cargo cleared as soon as possible.

  • Commercial invoice
  • Lading bill
  • Airway bill number
  • Packing list

For Shipments Arriving by Ocean

Ocean shipments take the longest time to reach the ports in Canada. However, once in Canada, clearit can get it cleared for you within 48 hours – the time span can increase in case of imports like tobacco and other items that require additional certificates of government permission(s).

Your freight forwarder is supposed to provide them with the arrival notice so that they can submit the documents for clearance quickly. The information that they need for getting Ocean shipments cleared at customs are listed below.

  • Packing list
  • Arrival notice
  • Purchase bill
  • Manifest
  • Value of the cargo in CAD
  • List of items

For Shipments Arriving by Truck

Clearit can eliminate all kinds of cross border delays for items arriving by truck when supplied with the commercial invoice. In fact, this is the only document that they need directly from you. The others that your freight forwarder is responsible to provide them before the truck hits Canada are listed below.

  • Lading bill
  • PARS information

PARS contains additional information like:

  • The weight of the cargo
  • The time when the cargo will cross the port.
  • The crossing port.
  • The PARS number.

All in all, clearit customs brokers will eliminate the risk of your cargo being held back at customs. This will help your business in expanding since timely delivery of goods will increase the reliability and reputation of your company.