Express Destination puts its stamp on Mail Forwarding Service


When it comes to getting your mail or packages anywhere you want, the leader hands down is Express Destination. Customers are drawn to the mail forwarding and 3rd party shipping company because it offers convenience, expertise, reliability, and affordable service.

While the company offers a variety of services, it’s the mail forwarding operation that makes it a heavy hitter in the industry.

Convenient Global Service 

Unlike some competitors in the mail and package forwarding business, Express Destination boasts clients all over the world. For example, vPost, an online shopping and shipping services provider, caters to customers in selected  countries.

We promise to deliver your packages on time and safely no matter where you are located,” Express Destination pledges on its website at

Customers can also conveniently leverage other essential third-party shipping services of the company, eliminating the need to spend time and money to find another company offering those services. 

Expert in forwarding mail and packages

Some third-party shipping competitors such as HopShopGo and vPost focus primarily on forwarding packages to customers, but Express Destination does both. And Anytime Mailbox, a virtual mailbox provider, offers a cloud-based platform that allows customers to read and manage their mail, which has been scanned and uploaded online.

In addition to customers getting mail, Express Destination also makes it easy for customers to purchase from online retail shopping websites. Customers get a U.S. address where their purchases are sent and the company collects those packages and ships them directly to the country in which the customer resides.

With our service, they find that they have almost unlimited freedom to a huge array of products as well as great values,” according to the company’s website at

Business owners also use the company’s mail forwarding and packaging services to help establish a presence in the U.S. These foreign companies won’t have to spend funds to set up a physical presence in the U.S. in order to get a foothold in the U.S. market.


Express Destination affordable service is also a major attraction for customers. The cost of the company’s mail forwarding service is valuable to customers with small budgets. Service plans start at $19.95 each month and can be tailored to meet the demands of each customer.

At Anytime Mailbox, customers can pick a service plan and selectively choose from several features, including shredding, check deposit, open and scanning. Price for service starts at $4.98.

HopShopGo calculates its shipping costs using a flat fee for the first half kilogram, with a lower charge for every additional half kilogram. To reduce cost, customers can opt for combining packages from different stores into one box. This option cuts down on shipping weight, reducing the fee they will have to pay.

Unlike some mail forwarding providers, Express Destination does not bind its customers to long-term contracts. Customers are allowed to pay each month, and can cancel when they no longer need the service. And there are no fees for canceling the service.