Motion Ninja – Pro Video Editor


Creativity continues to excite and amaze people all over. People engage in creations for professional reasons as well as a hobby. People with inborn talents could visualise and create whilst most others need supplementary support. It’s indeed a pleasure to talk about a super professional App now available for professionals and amateurs alike to impart the best in creations. It is the Motion Ninja App. Check out its amazing features which has made this App face no rivalry of its class.

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Features of Motion Ninja Apk

 – Using the App is a pleasure viewing frames in slow motion with its 3 D effects. With this feature creations become that much easier.     

–  With the best of quality viewing effects there is no better way to impact viewers making Animated videos.

–  What better way to make product demonstrations commercially. With the ease of creativity Motion Ninja App offers there is no better and unique way of impressing targeted audiences.

– With the Velocity Edit feature technology, make the speed of the videos created either to speed up or slow down. If sound is not required then remove or mute.

– By adding transitions Connect the videos to one another if necessary to view them in one continuous run. Now add the choicest of sound effects and music to make them greater and cooler.

– With key frame animation designs feature will enable the perfect editing touches to a video frame by clearly defining the starting and ending points which will bring in the best in clarity.

– More professionalism is incorporated in the MOTION NINJA APP. With a super 3 D library combined with multi-layers settings will enable more choice of professional creativity.  

–  Limitless choice of masks, curves, stickers, texts, audio, filters, effects are amply available to be applied on the animations created. All these amazing super features in just one App. Hard to believe, isn’t it? all these are available on the Motion Ninja App 

– Pro video editor and Animation Maker.

– Achieve the best customized effects with the vast selection of colour, blur effects on motion and glow effects.

– Background Eraser is featured. Will make fan editing simply easy.

– More creations. Motion enables its users to create an Anime Music Video or make video clips, images and dedicate to their favourite anime character or movie star.

Motion Ninja App offers video effects and motion design free to the benefit of all its users. With its use for personal reasons will bring in much pleasure and satisfaction whilst using for commercial purposes will sure boost sales, with the APPS magical quality and professional creations. And all of these is possible with the MOTION NINJA APP in your smartphone. Who would have ever imagined of all these possibilities could be handled via one’s smartphone? Hard to believe but now becomes reality with MOTION NINJA APP.

Download Motion Ninja Video Editor app

You can download and install latest version of this awesome Android video application using AC Market for free. First download and install AC Market app store. Then go to search and type “motion ninja”. You will see Motion Ninja app appear on search results. Select and click on “Free Download” button to begin installation. That’s all. You can install this application on Windows computers too. No need to use Amazon app store on Windows 11 devices to install Android apps. Now you can use AC Market windows app too.