How Do I Register My Company In India?


A company is not legally entitled to carry out business until it is registered with the government. In India, the Registrar Of Companies (ROC) operating under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, controls the registration of new companies. The process of registration is quite simple but rigid. Since this is the first step of legalising your company, it has to be error-free. The Ministry has two different sets of policies for International and National companies. If you don’t know the answer to how do i register my company, then find out more here

Registration of International Companies

In the case of international companies which are planning to do business in India, there are specific additional steps which the indigenous Indian companies do not need to follow. Foreign companies need to prove their legal presence in India. There are multiple other rules to register a company, when it comes to international companies. All of these rules are enlisted under Section 2(42) of the Companies Act 2013.

Registration of India Companies

For a native India company to know how I register my company, registration is the first step. Let us have a look at the various stages that are essential for registering a company.

  • You need to choose a name for your company. There are certain factors related to naming the company. The name should be unique and representative of your company goals.
  • Before you apply for the name of your company, you have to submit two online forms, namely DIR 3 and DSC. You shall then obtain a  DIN.
  • The next step is to obtain a DSC (Digital Signature Certificate). Both of these are essential to register a company by name and get the certificate of incorporation from the Government.
  • Following these steps, you have to submit the 1A form followed by the physical submission of the memorandum of articles to the ROC.
  • If all your documents are appropriate, then the ministry shall grant you the certificate of incorporation. Every step mentioned above has to be backed by valid proof of identification and requisite fees.

However, the certificate of incorporation is not the ultimate one. You will also need a business commencement certificate from the ROC to start your trading operations. For beginners, these steps might seem quite complicated. If so, you can opt for expert guidance from consulting firms like 3E Accounting India who offers India Company incorporation services. They will answer every question on how do I register a company and ensure that your company is registered hassle free.