How To Take Good Care Of An Air Compressor?



Whether a screw or a regular air compressor in Singapore, this machine has various usages, both personal and business purposes. After all, it can power air tools such as air-powered drills, paint sprayers, pneumatic sanders, framing nailers, etc.

If you plan to get a screw air compressor for your business soon, you better know how to take good care of it so the machine will last a long time.

1. Take Time To Read The User Manual

Like other machines, a screw air compressor also has a user manual provided by its manufacturer. Reading this will give you ideas on how to use it and perform proper maintenance.

2. Always Drain Tanks Moisture

Before and after using the air compressor, ensure that its air receiver tank does not have moisture. Otherwise, the machine will not work to its full potential.

3. Fasten Loose Fasteners

The same goes if the fasteners become loose. That is why you should make it a habit to check and fasten loose hardware before using the screw air compressor.

4. Replace Air Receiver Tank If Necessary

If its air receiver tank is beyond repair, consider replacing it with a brand-new one. Guarantee to purchase an air receiver tank from a reliable supplier in Singapore.

5. Often Clean The Intake Tanks

If the intake tanks are not clean and have a lot of dirt and dust, you can expect the air compressor to overheat when you use it as is. You should do the same with its air dryer in Singapore.

6. Lubricate On Schedule

All moving parts of a screw air compressor will become stiff if you do not lubricate them on schedule. Without proper lubrication, you might have a hard time operating it.

7. Get Routine Air Compressor Servicing

Besides your daily maintenance, you should also get routine air compressor servicing in Singapore. Experts can help prolong the lifespan of your air compressor.

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