Self-Ordering Kiosk In Singapore: A Yay Or Nay?


Known for their fast-paced service, restaurants are continuously searching for ways to speed up their operations. One of the solutions they found is automation. They incorporate new technology in their operations, such as kitchen display system, e-menu, and QR ordering system.

But perhaps, the most notable and common tech we can find in restaurants today is the self-ordering kiosk in Singapore. The question is: are these kiosks worth it?

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of self-ordering kiosks:


Manually writing or tapping customer orders is prone to human errors. A small mistake in order could result in a dissatisfied and hollering customer demanding the restaurant manager.

Self-ordering kiosk in Singapore gives the full description of the meal set, complete with images and price, to avoid miscommunication. If ever there are order mistakes, it is the customer’s fault.


If you are a small restaurant, you may not be able to afford a self-ordering kiosk. The price of each kiosk depends on the brand, advanced features, and customizability. Restaurant owners should also keep in mind the maintenance cost.

Instead of investing in self-ordering kiosks, small restaurants purchase an electronic cash register, speeding up their service.

ADVANTAGE: Reduced wait time

Restaurant owners can significantly reduce wait time by eliminating cash register people to punch in each order of the customer manually. Moreover, the restaurant staff can utilise their free time by addressing customers’ concerns.

DISADVANTAGE: Displacement of staff

Because one area of the operations is accomplished by technology or robots, the staff previously on the post are either reassigned to more crucial tasks or get displaced.

ADVANTAGE: Profit increase

A self-ordering kiosk in Singapore increases profit by displaying all its products on its e-menu. The menu automatically shows all the food items available, including the add-ons. It is a persuasion tactic that encourages the customer to order more.

In addition to persuasion tactics, reassigning your staff improves customer service and displacing some of them reduces your operating expenses.

Based on the advantages and disadvantages, are self-ordering kiosks a yay or nay for you?

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