Unusual ways to find company and manager email accounts: the Find anyone’s email tip hack


Simple ways to find information are often discarded in favor of more complex ones. They sometimes require ingenuity and skill. And sometimes, just an understanding of how to execute the tip hook. You can read a detailed instruction on how to perform a free and effective e-mail address search at https://reply.io/find-anyones-email-free.

But we will focus on the simplest, but not obvious options for finding verified real email addresses of those who make decisions or are responsible for managing company resources. And who may soon become a partner, a representative of the counterparty, which will bring a lot of profit.

Watch the presentations: it’s very easy, but effective

Managers and executives who don’t give out their e-mail address to everyone usually make them public during business meetings. Or offering presentations of company products, projects, goods.

Online tools for saving presentations, such as SlideShare, offer free resource options, including downloading and remotely accessing presentations from webinars or conferences. The last slide usually includes contact information. There’s also a personal or work email but directed at a specific segment of users.

Information integrators: two steps

You can find the information you need for free, but you must go through at least two steps to find the data. There are very detailed websites with a lot of open data about startups, companies, and other business projects, such as Crunchbase and similar resources. They do not point to specific contacts, but they collect all the information about the accounts of executives and marketers, managers of different levels in companies on social networks. Usually, it is data from profiles on LinkedIn or Twitter. Such resources usually have a window for a convenient and advanced search by name, brand name.

The second step is to switch to a social network. This is the ideal and quickest solution. However, in social networking profiles, these people can close contact information. So the next step may be for integrators to use address search. They usually require three sets of data to be entered for a basic search:

  • first name;
  • last name;

You can try to verify the results you get through Google or other search engines and e-mail systems. They usually pick up the real address or indicate that there is no similar email address.

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