Understand Your Options for eBay Sales Now


Your business can reach millions of potential customers around the world if you list your items on eBay. Explore eBay’s resources for professional sellers.

Open a Professional Account

Are you a trader or a self-employed person, do you have a brand or a company? You can grow your online sales by creating a business account on eBay.

Create ads

Well-optimized listings allow you to grab the attention of millions of potential buyers on eBay. Find out how to create an ad that converts. From choosing the right category to taking professional photos and providing a relevant description, our recommendations will increase your chances of converting your ads into sales. So how to sell on ebay? Here are the things that you should know about.

Learn More about Ebay Stores

Subscribing to an eBay Store not only allows you to benefit from reduced fees and free listings, but also access to tools for managing and promoting your activities. Also take advantage of our discovery offer

Sell ​​Internationally To Sell More

We provide professional sellers with premium access to over 90 international eBay sites, which represent over 180 million potential buyers. We offer two methods of international sales: classic or advanced.


Available only on eBay, in your Seller Hub, Terapeak is a data-driven tool. It lets you know what to sell, when, where and at what price. It is based on and can analyze up to a year of data to provide eBay sellers with essential market intelligence.

Fees and Commissions

Our commissions on the final price are among the lowest on the market within the leading marketplaces.

Fees and Commissions for Professional Sellers

EBay strives to set fair sales fees and commissions so that businesses can reach their customers at a reasonable cost.

Choose to sell on eBay

When you choose to sell on eBay, you get many benefits that are not offered by many other marketplaces or classifieds sites, such as marketing and promotional tools, our seller protection program, and Service support.

What fees do you have to pay?

Commission on the final price

When you sell, eBay charges a percentage commission calculated on the basis of the total cost of the item sold, including delivery charges. This commission on the final price varies from 3 to 10% depending on the category in which the ad is published.

Insertion fees

The insertion costs are the costs of publishing advertisements at a fixed price or an auction. They are linked to the number of ads you post. Our Boutique subscriptions allow you to benefit from a quota of free ads each month.

Subscription to an eBay Store

A subscription to an eBay Store offers you a number of advantages, such as reduced or even free insertion fees, the possibility of selling internationally at a reduced price and access to a whole range of promotional tools.

Selling Options

There are additional charges for using certain listing options, such as adding a caption. However, they allow you to put your items in the spotlight and attract more buyers.

How do you pay your fees?

When you create a seller account, you must add an automated payment method to pay for eBay selling or other fees. You receive a monthly invoice detailing the charges you have to pay.