What Does an Accounting Company in Singapore Offer?


When we talk about an accounting company in Singapore, what comes to mind are audit services and perhaps some bookkeeping. In reality, there is more to an accounting firm than these. While it is true that accounting firms help companies maintain their finances through thorough accounting and auditing, it is not their only purpose. Today, we will discuss other services you can expect from an accounting company and how they can make your business operations more efficient.

Outsourced Services

An accounting company may offer outsourcing services for auditing. The outsourced accountant will be deployed to your company to do the audit services. It will seem that you are not dealing with a third party because the accounting professional will report to you directly. It is also a good alternative to in-house accounting since you will not need to train the accountant to enjoy the exclusivity of his service.

Tax Services

An accounting company can provide you with advisory as part of their tax services. Giving you helpful insights and recommendations on taxation is an essential role that must be filled in your company to stay compliant with the local and cross-border laws.

M&A Advisory Services

Mergers and acquisitions services deal with stocks and investments. An accounting firm may offer M&A advisory services to help a company in the placement of stocks, investment recommendations, calculation of the company’s valuation and more.

Data Analytics Services

Some accounting firms do offer data analytics for accounting as a service. Due to the shift to digitalisation, bookkeeping is now being done using databases. This is why big data is much easier to gather and manage today and can now be subjected to data analytics. Combined with accounting, it can help business owners in making future decisions.

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