FAQs On Checking Driving License Application Status In 2021


The online driving license application procedure is a new concept to most people. RTOs, state, and central governments are additionally making a collective effort to digitize this method. Applicants can not only apply for a Learners’ License (LL) and permanent driving license online but also check their status on the authorized portals. The idea is to make this entire process convenient for all citizens. From professional and commercial drivers to private car owners, everyone must acquire a driving license.

To understand this entire system, let us consider all the common questions that applicants raise regarding their driving license application status. All these queries are reasonable, and one must get all his doubts clear to proceed with the application smoothly. For application-related information, click here to know more.

Common FAQs On Checking Driving Licence Application Status

Online applicants come up with some common questions to clarify their doubts regarding the process. Here all these queries are answered to help claimants understand the significance of this service.

●      Is There Any Fee Applicable On Any Website?

No, there is no fee applicable on any website for checking the application status of a driving license. The official website, as well as other third-party websites, hosts this service free of cost. So, applicants should not rely upon any portal that demands any cost or charges.

●      Which Website Is The Best For Checking Driving Licence Application Status?

The official website, https://parivahan.gov.in/parivahan/, hosted by the central government, is the primary portal for checking the application status of driving licenses. Apart from this, many third-party websites host this service to help applicants get an idea of how long it may take them to acquire their license.

●      How Long Does It Take To Get A Driving Licence Approved?

RTOs mostly take around two weeks to approve a driving license application. However, it may take applicants over a month to get their permanent driving license in hand. The mobility and transportation facilities of an issued address also become a determining factor.

●      What Information Does The Portal Require To Check The Status?

Most online portals offering this service require an applicant to enter their Date of Birth (DoB), registered address, and Learners’ Licence details or the application number. One must enter these details every time he wishes to check his driving license application status.

●      Can I Reapply For A Driving Licence?

Yes, if one’s Learners’ Licence application has expired, he can reapply for the same online. The maximum validity of this license is six months. Since the permanent license is only issued after a physical driving test, there is no point in worrying about the expiry date in this case. One should keep the expiry date of the application in check.

●      What Is The Validity of A Commercial Licence?

Commercial driving licenses have the shortest validity, that is, three years. Every professional or commercial driver has to renew his license every three years. Also, individuals who have an individual license do not have the authorization to drive a commercial vehicle. This factor is not clear to most applicants, which becomes the problem.

●      Is The Application Status Accurate?

The driving license application status that is available on reliable third-party websites and the official website authorized by the government offer accurate information. One must rely upon these websites to check the status online.

All these explanations make it clear that the driving license application status is useful in acquiring the license. Applicants must be aware of all these facts and utilize the online service to the most of its capacity. Take the help of third-party websites in case of any doubts.