The Ultimate 5-Step Guide to Setting Up a Zebra Scanner In Singapore


Every year, more and more gadgets are being introduced to the market. One of the most recent innovations is the zebra devices, such as the zebra tablet, vehicle-mounted computer, handheld computer, handheld RFID reader, and other technologies.

One of the widely used gadgets is zebra scanners. A zebra scanner in Singaporehas a touchscreen and allows operation on other Android devices, be it a phone or tablet. It is practical and convenient for most businesses nowadays. With just one scan and a packing list on its screen, you can make countless rounds in your inventory and add tons of products to the warehouse. You can effortlessly and instantly process, record, and add to your inventory list with one scan.

Most zebra scanner series in Singapore are either cordless or corded. To assemble them, here is a five-step guide on setting up the device.

  1. Connect the USB or cradle cable it comes with to the base of your barcode scanner, located at the end near the handle.
  1. With the end of your USB cable, connect the USB port of your zebra scanner in Singapore to your desktop computer. If you are using a macOS or a Mac, particular software can help you set up the device on your end.
  1. Most zebra scanner series in Singapore come with a manual guide. Generally, it shows a barcode where you can activate its system. To enable the retail POS (Point of Sale) system, scan the barcode on the manual book using your zebra scanner.
  1. On your desktop computer, the software will pop up. Click the inventory and then item search.
  1. Once you’ve set the system on your zebra scanner in Singapore and the software on your computer, you can start scanning items.

Buying a zebra scanner in Singaporeis an investment. Due to its speed, accuracy, and other features, it can provide people with convenience at work and get them moving and scanning hassle-free.

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