Inventory Financing : What is it and How Can You Benefit From it?


Inventory is the primary resource that can be used as a capital investment to generate money in the retail sector. It’s, therefore, of an utmost value for:

  • Retailers
  • Direct marketers
  • E-commerce shop owners

But the question is, how do retailers keep their inventory full at all times? Obviously, a lot of money is needed in order to keep the supply chain flow uninterrupted. And traditional banks do not provide such fundings for small scale businesses. So, if you’ve been stuck in the middle of an opportunity but cannot afford to act on it due to limited resources, it’s the financement d’inventaire Accord Financial service that you require. This financial service is essentially a part of Asset-based lending that’s also known as ABL.

ABL is one of the best financial assistance for small scale businesses. It can be provided against the following resources.

  • Inventory (that will be discussed in detail)
  • Accounts receivable
  • Real estate
  • Equipment

In other words, the loan amount depends upon the value of your assets, ‘inventory’ in case of the retail sector.

Now comes the next question, why is inventory loan so important. Read through to explore the answers.

As businesses expand, the number of customers increases. It gets exceedingly difficult to manage the growing demand with limited funds.

It’s necessary that the goods are always in stock and are delivered to the customers in time. This requires uninterrupted flow of money. Whilst banks are usually inclined to approve retail loans for more than 10 million dollars, they aren’t as keen to approve smaller amounts of loans for small businesses. So, it’s financial firms like Accord Financial that you can trust. Some of the benefits of loaning money for inventory management from this financial firm are listed below.

  • They offer financing anywhere between 1 million dollars to 20 million dollars.
  • They do not include any 3rd party to invest in your business on their behalf. It’s their money that goes into your business directly. In other words, they are trustworthy.
  • The loan amount can be increased as your business increases.
  • They do not hassle customers for repayments.

Contact them on their website – – to know more about the repayment plans

So, if you’re planning to expand your business in retail and purchase more from suppliers to cater to your customers, it’s best to apply for inventory loan at trusted financial firms like Accord Financial.