Seven Benefits of Hybrid Contact Centres for Customer Service Operations


The COVID-19 Pandemic has changed how businesses operate and communicate with their customers. During the lockdown throughout the world, companies laid off employees in the thousands of thousands and more. Businesses also turned to let employees work remotely nearly exclusively, and they found it to be an effective, efficient, and less expensive way to interact with customers. However, they also have new security challenges to face.

Now, most shutdowns are over, and companies are urging, if not requiring, many employees to return to the office while allowing some to continue to work from home. Businesses need a brick-and-mortar service area with traditional SMB phone systems and a cloud-based technology workforce. As a result – hybrid solutions have been developed as the new middle ground.

Benefits of Hybrid Contact Centres

Hybrid Contact Centres offer businesses and employees the benefit of a physical location and remote work opportunities. It also provides customers with on-demand support for their purchase and service requests. Many experts say this working trend is here to stay and on the rise. For example, Nemertes Research in America recently stated that 59 percent of contact centres worldwide had a portion of their staff working from home before COVID-19. That figure rose to 74.1 percent during lockdowns. The research group also said that more than 70 percent of companies plan to stay that way.

So, what are the benefits of hybrid contact centres?

  • Greater online security for contact centres and customers
  • Cost savings to the business include fewer permanent office spaces, lower utility bills, and less need for office supplies and perks.
  • Streamlined customer service and 24/7 access.
  • Hire better talent due to flexible work options.
  • Capital availability to be reinvested elsewhere.
  • Boost current employee morale.
  • Artificial intelligence oversight, safety, and perpetual order delivery.

Hybrid Contact Centres are here to stay, even with new challenges. It is an opportunity for creativity and innovation to develop in all business sectors. Companies would do well to learn about and embrace the latest technologies available. Finding ways to implement cloud-based technology and two-step or two-factor verification will be essential – such as NEC’s UNIVERGE BLUE CCaaS Solution – ENGAGE. The actions of contact agents can make businesses vulnerable to new forms of ransomware and phishing scams. It is a win-win scenario for all if employees are retained, new talent comes, and customers and businesses reduce operating costs.