The Proper TABC License for Your Business


To comply with Texas laws, you need to have a TABC license to sell beer or liquor. However, you want to make sure you get the proper license and permits for your business. 

Airline Beverage

This allows airlines to sell alcoholic beverages while traveling over Texas. This is required of all airlines that fly planes over Texas and sell alcohol. 

Beverage Cartage

This allows companies to transport alcohol to their licensed location. It is best for those who have a Mixed Beverage or Private Club license. 

Bonded Warehouse

This allows a site to hold liquor for a business with a Public Storage permit. If a licensed Winery has a Public Storage permit, it can store wine in a dry area. 

Branch Distributor’s

This allows a company with a General Distributor’s license to expand. It enables beer companies to sell their product in any county where beer is legal. 


This allows a company to manufacture ale or malt and sell it to a business with a Wholesaler permit or an out of state company. When combined with a Manufacturer’s license, you can manufacture up to 225,000 barrels a year and sell it on the property. However, the total sale to one consumer may not exceed 5,000 barrels in one year. 

If your company’s annual production of beer is less than 125,000 barrels per year, you can sell your product to other licensed companies. However, you cannot sell more than 40,000 barrels per year of ale and beer to companies without a Wholesaler permit. 


This allows a company to manufacture malt, ale, and beer. It also allows you to sell the finished product from your premises. Brewpubs cannot produce more than 10,000 barrels in one year. However, you must follow the rules of your other permits as well. For instance, if the alcohol is consumed on-site, it must be combined with a Mixed Beverage Permit and follow that license’s restrictions. 

If you combine the Brewpub license with a Wine and Beer Retailer’s permit, you may sell malt and ale to private clubs and retailers and beer to licensed companies. 


This allows you to transport liquor throughout the state of Texas. It also allows you to transport it into or out of Texas. 

Getting the proper licenses and permits for your business is important. Be sure to read more about your options before choosing the one that is right for you.