Top 10 Must-Have Qualities Of Your Divorce Lawyer In Singapore  


The Singapore divorce process may not be ideal for going through alone. At any part, you wish to do it by yourself; it can be an overwhelming event of your life.

It’s not very healthy to face someone you thought you’d spend the rest of your life with on your own, especially if your children’s welfare is at stake. Making difficult decisions will long-term influence your money and your future.

The Singapore divorce process does not go easy for people who don’t know how it works. In fighting legal battles, a good divorce lawyer in Singapore may be able to assist you, especially on court matters.

While researching the best divorce lawyer in Singapore, expertise, abilities, and a strong reputation are significant considerations. However, it would be best to keep a few qualities in mind. A few attributes are more critical than most when choosing prospects.

What Qualities Your Divorce Lawyer Should Possess

#1. They must be qualified and certified

Before you go and calculate the lawyer fees for divorce, make sure your lawyer is a qualified legal counsel. A solid educational foundation is a must for an excellent defence lawyer.

A good divorce lawyer in Singapore should be licensed and have the expertise to deal with your case with confidence. You can know this information by asking a few people or clients beforehand. The more competent and experienced an attorney you hire, the better your chances of winning the case.


#2. Have expertise in all divorce areas

The Singapore divorce process comes in different types. It can be uncontested or contested. Both of these have their respective legal matters that may need the expertise of a good divorce lawyer in Singapore.

An uncontested divorce is where parties agree about the division of assets and the union’s dissolution. However, a contested divorce is where the married couple does not agree on the divorce terms.

You should seek the best divorce lawyer in Singapore that has handled comparable situations in the past to make sure that you have enough experience for your case.

#3. Can listen and talk well

Avoid hiring a lawyer that doesn’t listen to you or what works best for you. They should hear and understand your objectives, concerns, and requests, especially if child custody is involved.

When collaborating, an input of great effort is critical to make sure you have a definitive agreement that works. A good divorce lawyer in Singapore should be able to answer your questions, brief you about your situation and help you on the suitable options. Avoid paying for a divorce lawyer in Singapore that costs higher than expected services.

#4. Acts professionally at all times

You’ll know you hired a good divorce lawyer in Singapore if they act professionally in all matters. It includes being kind and considerate when you have concerns, maintaining their ethics and opinions, and avoiding late arrivals.

They should help you understand court proceedings comprehensively. Make sure you choose the best divorce lawyer in Singapore who can adequately handle themselves. Your whole journey and result will benefit from this.

#5. Immediately responds when you need them

Make sure you look for a good divorce lawyer in Singapore who is available at crucial stages in your case. There are possible circumstances that may arise where you need their assistance. You should be able to count on your lawyer to get back to you within a reasonable amount of time with answers to your queries.

Although you may not be their only client, it’s critical to double-check that any lawyer you choose will offer you sufficient attention and focus. Can they handle your case alongside their other commitments?


#6. Interested in working on your case

Since you will go through a lot during your Singapore divorce process, make sure you look for a lawyer interested in helping you. It’s easy to make a mistake by hiring a greedy lawyer. Make sure they have the mindset to negotiate with settlements that are fair to you. Avoid hiring firms who ask for pricey lawyer fees for divorce.

#7. Have enough confidence in the court

Your case will most likely get affected if your lawyer lacks self-assurance. However, when a good divorce lawyer in Singapore has a high level of self-confidence, they will manage the situation and make their points more compelling. Court proceedings will need believable lawyers who can present their cases with ease.

For this reason, you must work with the best divorce lawyer in Singapore who has a proven track record of success and who is also an excellent communicator.


#8. Have a qualified team of paralegals

Check if the lawyer you want to hire can support your case. Ask if they have a team of experts who can handle your case when you need them. Before making a final decision, talk to your divorce lawyer about your options. It is because the details in your case might offer you a significant edge in court if you have competent counsel.

#9. Provides the right strategies

A good divorce lawyer in Singapore should be able to offer you a plan of action aligned with your objectives. They should also provide backup options if the first alternative doesn’t work. In your counselling, consider asking for a detailed plan on how they can help you win or find a settlement with a sense of justice.

#10. Maintains their posture

The Singapore divorce process may become complex and stressful at times. Make sure you choose a good divorce lawyer in Singapore that can stay calm and composed during arguments. It is essential if you are considering a settlement in which the collaboration of all parties is critical to a successful outcome.


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